Your weight loss goals are your willpower in reaching success. If you do not have realistic goals you will end up failing. A reachable goal is important during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. It will help you know when to start and when will you finish the Phase. The duration of the second phase of the HCG diet depends on your weight loss goal. The bigger your goal is, the longer time you will spend on the VLCD.

Achieving your goals in phase 2 of the HCG diet is easy and fast. As long as you stick to the diet protocol and keep a healthy routine, you will reach success. When you continue with your unhealthy eating habits it will be hard for you to stop it in the long run. It will make you end up grabbing other unhealthy means to reach your weight loss goals. Below are easy tips to help in achieving your P2 goals.

Tip #1- Stick to healthy foods

The VLCD of the HCG diet does not mean that you will consume bland and boring foods. The reality is that you are consuming fewer calories to give way to healthy nutrients. It does not mean that you are in deprivation. Your meals during the HCG diet have different variations it is also tasty. You can still enjoy delicious treats without adding more calories to your food.

Tip #2- Remove all food temptations

Get rid of all the processed foods in your pantry or storage. During Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you have to keep healthy food choices. Take off the boxes of chocolates, processed beverages, bread, cookies, etc. Avoid putting pressure on your will because it may overpower you. You also have to stay away from the surroundings of unhealthy foods to avoid temptations. Do not go out grocery shopping with an empty stomach.

Tip #3- Focus on Nutrients

Do not focus on the calories that you will have to avoid distractions. See the bigger side which is the number of nutrients that you can get while cutting calories. You are cutting your calorie intake but it does not mean that you will experience deprivation from nutrients. You have to focus on your foods so that you will track your intake. The foods during the HCG diet contain low calories but are rich in nutrients. The reason why you need to reduce your intake of calories is to boost the work of the HCG in your system.

Tip #4- Take a walk

You can walk outside every morning to absorb the heat of the sun. Start to incorporate light activities such as walking to be able to increase muscle strength. You can do light exercises three to four times per week for 15 minutes. Make sure that you are not hungry or tired when you exercise. Avoid high-stress levels to prevent stress eating.

Tip #5- You have to plan ahead of time

Plan on time on what foods you want to eat. Prepare your meals and snacks ahead to stay on your diet track. Doing things in the last hour may prolong your hunger. If you can prepare your meals ahead it is helpful for you to relax and focus on your weight loss.

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