The minimum amount of calories in a single alcohol drink is about 100 calories. If you have alcohol 7 days a week you will surely gain extra pounds. This is different from the mixed drinks which surely have more calories on them. Imagine getting these calories for the entire month or year. This means that your body is completely unhealthy. Drinking alcoholic beverages along with an unhealthy lifestyle and diet can cause obesity. This is also because your metabolism is already inactive.

Alcohol intake also can increase appetite and poor sleep. The HCG diet does not only stop you from having an unhealthy routine of eating. It also re-educates you on the danger of constantly receiving liquid calories. The HCG will start to block the pleasure centers of your brain. This leads to appetite suppression on the HCG diet. The brain blocks pleasure centers so that you will not feel the needs or cravings of specific drinks, scent, taste, and texture of foods.

How many calories are there in alcoholic beverages?

A single shot or 1.5 oz has a maximum of 105 calories each. A glass of wine or 4 oz has 98 total calories. The lowest calorie level of beer is 70 and it has 300 calories per 8 oz. These are the straight brands of alcoholic beverages. Aside from this, there are also minor brands such as gin that contains 350 calories. These calories also have 30 grams of carbohydrates. Not only these are known as empty calories, but these can also cause severe hunger.

If you get hungry because of alcohol consumption you will tend to eat foods that will add more to your calorie intake. That is why this unhealthy routine can badly cause storing of fats in various parts of your body. It also triggers diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and etc. Liquid calories as well lead to unwanted weight gain.

The effects of drinking alcoholic beverages to your weight

It does not give any weight loss benefits. It lowers your metabolism and the food that is burned by your body. However, HCG works in fat metabolism. It uses the stored fats as your energy source once you stop taking alcoholic beverages. Excess alcohol also affects your body organ such as the liver. That is why it changes the metabolism, the way your body stores energy, and changes your behavior. Another common effect of alcohol is high blood pressure, high BMI, and high sugar levels.

The empty calories are dangerous for the HCG. It is because you often have this with unhealthy snack foods. This eventually gives you difficulty in food portions and eating control. It turns on your appetite and allows the occurrence of hunger. That is why you have to stop your alcohol intake before starting the HCG diet. Always pick drinks that have zero calories or just pick water.

How does the HCG diet help with alcohol cravings?

By blocking the pleasure center of your brain you tend to lose appetite for foods and drinks. This will healthily suppress your appetite so that the 500 calorie diet will just be enough for you. The HCG will reach your brain and occupy the same receptors involved with alcohol. This will eventually improve your energy, increase your time of sleep, and improve your metabolic rate.

How will you stop alcohol addiction during the HCG diet?

  • Set a goal- You can do this before starting the HCG diet. You just have to slowly cut down your alcohol intake daily until you completely stop it. Set a goal or allowance time to finally let your alcohol addiction go. Set on the amount of alcohol you want to have per day. If you can make it slowly cut it down day by day.
  • Clear your home from alcohol– During this pandemic, you may be stuck at home and suffering from weight gain. One reason for that is alcohol consumption. Take off alcoholic products in your house. Replace your storage with healthy foods. Keep yourself busy with other stuff that does not include alcohol and food consumption.
  • Be consistent– This is very important on the VLCD. Your consistency will help you reach your weight loss goal. Your weight loss goal will set as your reminder to fight alcohol cravings. Be consistent with your 500 calorie daily intake and a daily shot of HCG. Through this, you can lose weight fast. You also have to be consistent with your daily weigh-ins. This is for you to be able to track your weight loss.
  • Avoid things that trigger you to drink– this means that you have to stay away from an alcohol party, wine party, or any event that involves alcohol drinking. The best way to succeed on the HCG diet is to stay in the comfort of your home. Avoid gatherings not just to prevent drinking alcohol but also to avoid the COVID-19.

Areas of your body that is prone to fat deposit because of alcohol

  • Abdomen– This is the fat that is stored in the midsection. Both men and women can experience this.
  • Arms and thighs- This is typically in the tricep region. For the thigh area, most women can develop this compared to men.
  • Buttocks- It is the largest muscle in your body. This can be wrapped with fats if you continue your unhealthy routine.
  • Knee- an unlikely spot for fat but most women can experience this. You can get rid of such fatty areas if you maintain the HCG and follow the diet protocol strictly.

What will happen to your body when you stop alcohol intake?

The HCG can work fast so that you can reach your desired weight loss. You will start to have complete sleep. Sleeping is the best time that your metabolism and digestion are working. Without alcohol, you can have clear minds and can focus properly on the weight loss process. Your skin will also start to look clear and healthy. HCG diet will not only reach your weight loss goal. It gives you a complete transformation from your unhealthy routine, alcohol cravings, to a healthier version of yourself.

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