Appetite is the natural desire of your body towards food. This usually happens during eating. Appetite affects your weight loss journey. It helps you determine how much food you need in each meal setting. The appetite is activated as soon as the load on appealing foods. Most of the foods that stimulate your appetite are unhealthy food choices. A higher level of appetite causes you to eat too much. This eventually adds up your weight in a short period. It will store up stubborn fats in various parts of your body.

Dealing with hunger is also through suppressing your appetite. Keep off your hunger by dealing with your food indulgences right away. Dealing with food indulgences is important even if you are not on a diet. Keeping off indulgences and suppressing your appetite can help you stay full throughout the day. Staying full all day can keep you out from loading and prevents weight gain. Choose the healthy foods that suppress your appetite but does not cause any weight gain.

The food choices that you are going to eat always matter when you are losing weight. The HCG will not work according to your expected result when you continue to eat unhealthy foods. You are required to eat healthy foods to help your intake of calories. Being aware of your caloric intake will help you in reaching success on the very low-calorie diet. Be aware of your caloric intake because it can help you reach your weight loss goal. The unhealthy foods have various metabolic pathways which also differ in the number of calories. Unhealthy foods may have different caloric amount however, it has one effect which is weight gain.

Appetite-suppressant must contain foods that may stop you from feeling hungry. The HCG has the biggest ability to suppress your appetite during your weight loss. The HCG works in the part of your brain that resets your metabolism. Through this, it can signal your fat stores to burn unhealthy fats and used them as a source of energy. It also works in curbing your hunger and deals with your cravings during the VLCD. HCG diet is a natural method in suppressing your appetite and a safe way to do a very low-calorie diet. The best appetite suppressants are whole foods. This is because it does not contain any ingredient that will trigger your hunger.

Appetite-suppressant foods you can have during the HCG diet

  • Avocado- This is a safe fruit during the HCG diet except on VLCD and P3. You can have this fruit during weight loss maintenance. It can suppress your appetite and prevents you from loading more. This is because avocados are rich in fatty acids and very filling. It has a creamy texture that will take your body longer to digest it. It has soluble fiber that slows down the rate of your digestion keeping you full all day.
  • Legumes- If you are looking for a vegetable that is loaded with protein, you have to purchase legumes. The high level of protein in legumes can help in suppressing your appetite. It has also high soluble fiber that takes longer to be digested. It deals your appetite and sweeps all the chemicals that constantly triggers hunger from coming back. Legumes contain a wide variety of nutrients that are economical and healthy for your HCG diet.
  • Lean meat- All cuts of lean meat such as beef, pork and chicken controls your fullness. These are known to be a great source of high-quality protein. The protein content of lean meat is slowly digested. Thus, helps in building your bones and muscle during your rapid weight loss. Lean meat curbs hunger and persistent cravings which are caused by your unhealthy indulgences. Weigh your meat choice and make sure to take off all the visible fats on it before cooking. Weighing foods helps you track your weight loss. You can also enjoy lean crab, fish and even shrimp meat during weight loss.
  • Water and soup- Hydration is important to stay full and satisfied. This is also important in suppressing hunger and food cravings. Water can help you deal with food indulgences. It controls you from snacking and in portioning your food in each meal. You can serve a healthy lean chicken soup or chicken broth. It keeps you full and deals with hunger at the same time.

Here are some of the food choices for your HCG diet

  • Leafy greens

These are the vegetable choices that are loaded with green goodness. This includes cabbage, spinach, chard, kale, and celery. Leafy green vegetables are rich in fiber and other diseases fighting properties. Fiber cleanses your body from food toxins which causes you to gain weight. Increase your serving of leafy green vegetables to boost your digestion. Take note that you are not allowed to eat this vegetable one at a time. It will cause a conflict of nutrients and calories during the HCG diet. Leafy greens have a high nutritional value that helps in burning your body fats.

  • Fruits

Fruits choices such as apple, grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, and kiwi are weight loss friendly fruits. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also has high fiber and it is also loaded with properties that fight against free radicals. It maintains the health of your body throughout your weight loss process. You can eat fruits as a substitute for your sugar cravings. This is because the fruits choices on the HCG diet has a natural sweetness and more nutritious.

  • Fatty fish

Fatty fish are known to be one of the healthiest foods to maintain cardiovascular health. It can also boost your brain health and keeps you full all day. Fatty fish is also loaded with protein that can help in controlling hunger. Healthy fats and other nutrients mainly work in keeping your body healthy. It is also helpful in preventing bone and muscle loss. The fatty acids boost your focus to do more on your weight loss. Boosting your focus can also help in lowering your stress level. The high-stress level is the cause of natural weight gain and emotional eating.

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