The HCG diet is a combination of hormones and VLCD. These work together for rapid weight loss. It helps obese and overweight people to lose weight. The HCG hormones target the stubborn fats that are found in the hard-to-reach areas of the body. This maintains the weight loss by cutting off the calories up to 500 calories each day. The 500 calorie diet is only done along with the HCG diet hormones. Without the hormones, the VLCD is not allowed. The hormones will help in the metabolism, energy supply, and curbing hunger.

The combination allows the metabolism to reset during the diet. This will make sure that the weight loss is permanent. Stick to the HCG diet food list to stay on track. There are guides and processes on how to do the proper portioning and calorie cut down.

  • Phase 1- This is the first part of the diet. You are allowed to eat anything in any amount. You can eat a burger, steak, cheese, eggs, oils, avocado, pizza, and nuts. However, it is better to eat lesser carbs in this part. The goal of this phase is to have as many fatty meals as you can. This is to prepare the fat stores for the entire diet duration.
  • Phase 2- The heart of the HCG diet is phase 2 or the VLCD. This is when the calorie is cut down. Dieters are only allowed to eat whole foods such as veggies and fruits. You can also include protein such as white fish and lean meat. The common foods that are allowed are apples, orange, grapefruit, and strawberries. The veggies are lettuce, cabbage, sprouts, cucumber, spinach and etc. It is important to load more on foods with high fiber content.
  • Phase 3- This is the stabilization part. You will not be doing the 500 calorie diet in this phase. This is when the food and calorie intake will be added in a minimal amount. You will be slowly adding some food variety to your diet. The main goal of this phase is to stabilize the weight loss. The calorie intake will be increased to 1, 500 to 2,000 calories per day. You have to be more careful because this is a tough part of the HCG diet.
  • Phase 4- This is the lifetime phase or also known as the maintenance phase. You have completed the diet process and this is your time to maintain it.  You will go back to eating more food. However, you are not allowed to go back to your old eating habits. Stay away from processed foods and another harmful chemicals. You can introduce back sugar and starches but in a small amount.
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