Losing weight is a long road. There are a lot of things to consider such as incorporating exercise without gaining weight. Weight loss `has obstacles along the way. Some difficulties may find you hard in losing weight. These circumstances may also happen during the HCG diet. That is why you have to be prepared before embarking on the HCG diet. One of the weight loss battles that you will encounter during the HCG diet is your food temptations.

Food temptations are hard to deal especially if you are not familiar with the HCG diet protocol. You will encounter an intense desire of wanting a certain food that may harm your HCG diet. Food temptations usually occur during the second phase of the HCG diet. This is the time that your calorie intake is fewer than what you commonly have. HCG diet has other ways of battling food temptations without giving in to it.

What type of food are the causes of food temptations on the HCG diet?

These are the foods that are highly variable and considered as junk. Food temptation is different from physical hunger. Physical hunger is a sign from your body that you need food for fuel. Food temptations can cause cravings. This is the time that you crave a certain smell, taste, and texture of food. The act of giving in to it is called food temptations. These are hard to battle especially if it comes along with high-stress levels.

The type of foods that causes food temptations are those that are already processed. It includes foods that have sugar, too much salt, oils, preservatives, and food flavoring. You also have to avoid the sources of liquid calories such as soda, alcohol, energy drinks, juices, and weight loss drinks. These are the biggest reason why you find hard to lose weight. Processed food choices are high in calories which may go beyond the limitation during the VLCD.

How to battle food temptations during the P2 of the HCG diet?

  • Stick to the protocol- Follow the protocol of the diet from the loading days until the day you start your VLCD. Food temptations may come but if you are following the protocol, you can avoid them. Maintain the 500 calorie intake per day. Do eat a few or skip your meals to avoid hunger. You are also not allowed to go beyond. Make sure that your body is burning more calories than what you have eaten.
  • Do not get surrounded by foods- Avoid places where there are a lot of unhealthy foods. This happens especially when you are going to a celebration. You must also avoid dining in restaurants to avoid foods that are not diet-friendly.
  • Prepare your meals at home- Instead of dining outside and buying unhealthy foods you just stay at home. Your home will be your comfort when you are on the HCG diet. This is because your home has all the needed kits and foods for your HCG diet. Eating at home will make you prepare whole and healthy foods.
  • Avoid prolonged hunger- Do not prolong your hunger because it leads you to overeat in your next meal. It may cause you to eat too many calories. Food temptations will have a chance to occur if you are hungry. If you feel physical hunger in between meals you can drink water and eat the whole fruit. It can also cause nutrient deficiency and may affect your weight loss.
  • Deal with stress– Prolonged hunger has a big possibility to increase your stress levels. Avoid high-stress levels by taking a nap, relaxing, meditating, and drinking tea. You can also incorporate yoga to lower your stress levels. Stay away from the things that can trigger stress such as noisy environment, work pressure, deadlines, and personal responsibilities. Take a short break and have time for yourself so that you can focus well on your diet.
  • Maintain your HCG shot- This is the most important thing during the VLCD. The HCG shot is responsible for rapid fat burning, resetting of metabolism, and curbing hunger during the HCG diet. Maintain your HCG shot for greater weight loss. Having the HCG will curb your cravings and fight against food temptations.

Is there a side effect in using the HCG for weight loss?

The HCG diet is not just a treatment for obesity and overweight. It can also help in preventing diseases that are caused by being overweight. Those that go through the HCG diet method keep the weight off longer.  The use of the HCG has more benefits aside from being effective in dealing with the stubborn fat in various parts of your body. There will be some occurrence of light side effects however it will just be gone right away

The recorded side effects of HCG are headache, nausea, the occurrence of hunger. These side effects happen usually during the first 2 to 3 days of the VLCD. These side effects only come when you do not load properly during the loading days. Most of these are also caused by the foods that you eat when you give in to food temptations. It lowers your energy and may stop the HCG from burning your body fats. The side effects when you give in to food temptation are not just weight gain but also lack of sleep and stress.

Bouncing back to your HCG diet track

Now, if you accidentally give in to food temptations you have to do something right away. Do not prolong its effects until you will gain weight. Bounce back to your weight-loss track by doing the correction days. This is done through the “apple days”. The apple day will help you balance the calories in your body. It corrects weight gain during the VLCD. The apple days are a way of eating nothing but apples starting at noontime on the first day.

The apple day ends at noontime on the second day. You are only allowed to have water or coffee and tea at breakfast. get back to the normal protocol on eating foods once your weight is back on your last weigh-in.

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