Benefits of Ginger on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet has a keen protocol on food choices, spices, and herbs that you will incorporate into the HCG diet. It is because most of the food ingredients in the market can trigger appetite and causes weight gain.

Be careful with the herbs, spices, and seasonings that you will add to your recipe. Ensure that they have benefits in weight loss and do not interfere with the HCG.

One of the approved spices on the HCG diet is ginger. It conjures up exotic smell and flavors that sends tingling sensation in the tongue. Ginger has several benefits in your body during the HCG diet. It is one of the unlimited spices that you can have during the VLCD.

Here are the Benefits of Ginger on the HCG diet

  1. It Reduces bloating and Gas. Ginger relieves the constriction in your intestinal tract and releases gases. It also staves off the causes of bloating and prevents weight loss stall.
  2. It soothes muscle. Ginger calms your muscle tension after your exercise routine on the HCG diet. It is also helpful during cold temperatures as it sends thermogenic effects to your body. You can drink ginger tea with stevia. It increases digestion and releases excess calories.
  3. You can add ginger for a soothing bath. To calm the soreness of your muscle, you can have a warm bath with ginger. Pour a cup of Epsom salt, baking soda, sea salt, and two tablespoons of ginger into your tub. Soak in the warm bath for fifteen minutes and rinse with water. It boosts relaxation and renews dead skin.
  • You can use ginger to alleviate cramps. For a localized injury or cramp, put a couple of drops of ginger and massage it in the specific area of our body. Avoid applying ginger oil products to your skin on the HCG diet because they are not allowable. Let the ginger dilute in water before applying it to your skin to prevent rash.
  • It settles your stomach. Ginger can help you alleviate the symptoms of nausea in the first few weeks of the VLCD. The aroma of ginger can cure stomach pain. You can also drink ginger tea if you have an upset stomach. It is also beneficial to add ginger to soup to curb hunger during the VLCD.
  • It boosts your mood. Ginger is a popular scent for aromatherapy because it increases energy and brain focus. You can put ginger on your scented candle to allow a relaxing fragrance. From bad mood to muscular tension and nausea, ginger can help alleviate those symptoms. Ginger also relieves headaches due to common colds and flu.

Is it Safe to Drink Ginger Tea Every Day on your HCG Diet?

Ginger has no severe side effects on the body. You can drink ginger tea every day but, make sure you are not hungry to avoid discomfort. You can consume at least 4 grams of ginger per day on the HCG diet. If you feel pain in your stomach, stop drinking ginger tea and drink lots of water. Avoid adding sugar and other sweeteners to your ginger tea.

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