One of the worst habits that affect most in losing weight is binge eating. This is a habit that leads right away to weight gain. Binge eating is described as eating large quantities of food in one sitting. Binge eating can also be a sign of a compulsive eating problem. This is a result of bad eating habits. There are several ways that help in dealing with binge eating. Binge eating is also caused by a lack of sleep that leads to junk food addiction.

Binge eating can cause weight gain.  It delays your weight loss and may lead your organs to find hard in digesting foods. It also affects the stability of the metabolism and promotes the rapid storing of fats in your body. Do not start the HCG diet when you have binge eating problems. You must do something to control it before it affects the fat burning. Stay away from the cause of binge eating on the HCG diet such as being surrounded by unhealthy foods. Include in your weight loss goal to avoid your bad habits.

How to counter binge eating during the HCG diet?

  • Keep out from unhealthy food indulgences

Concentrate on whole foods and not on processed products. Make sure that you do not indulge in high-calorie foods such as pizza, burgers, and pasta. You can still enjoy a delicious treat by loading healthy food choices. The whole foods are helpful in weight loss. Fill your stomach with low-calorie and fiber-rich foods.

  • Avoid eating junk foods

The foods that you have every day such as chips and ice cream are junk foods. Do not purchase the foods that packed straight from the box. Check the food labels in each purchase. See to it that it does not have sugar and other unhealthy ingredients on it. You must be aware of the caloric requirements of your body during the HCG diet.

  • Be mindful in eating

Be aware of your thoughts, senses, and emotions while you eat. It is because you cannot eat when you are emotionally stressed. Mindful eating lowers unhealthy eating behaviors. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly and make it as your routine. Eating mindfully allows you to focus on being aware of thought s and senses while eating.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

Vegetables, fruits, and other fiber-rich foods can help you feel satisfied. Fiber-rich foods will also help in digestion and proper weight loss. The fiber-rich foods will satisfy you longer and reduce your urge to eat too much. Load more on fruits or vegetables during your HCG diet to lower the amount of food you consume daily.

  • Deal with stress right away

You must find ways to lower your stress level. This is because you will likely gain weight naturally if your stress is prolonged. Stress drives up the levels of hormones that trigger your appetite. This will make you eat various foods to comfort you from stress. Consider doing yoga, meditation, walking to relieve high-stress levels.

  • Do not skip your meal

VLCD does not mean that you will divest yourself from eating foods. You still have to eat in a controlled manner. The sum of calories during your VLCD is the exact calorie your body needs to lose weight. Eating at mealtime will lower your risk of getting a hunger for the whole day.

  • Fill your stomach with protein

Protein from lean meat promotes your feeling of fullness longer. Eating high protein meals lowers your desire to eat too much. Protein is one of the nutrients that are needed to lose weight. It can also stop you from snacking unhealthy foods later of the day. Protein-rich foods stave off hunger and maintain healthy muscle and bones.

How to end weight gain that is caused by binge eating on the HCG diet?

  • Set a realistic goal- Your weight loss goal must be fitted to your capability and limitations. You should be realistic in the entire process of your weight loss. Do not set your weight loss goal too high that it seems to be impossible to reach. Unrealistic weight loss goals will just lead you to frustrations and disappointment. Set small goals each week and slowly accomplish them without having too many expectations. Realistic weight loss goals will make you stay motivated for the entire weight loss duration.
  • Stay on the process- sit and focus on your goal. This also includes following the HCG diet protocol. You will accomplish every step or phase of the diet before you will reach your weight loss goal. Focus on the foods you eat and not on the amount of food that you have. Motivate yourself from reaching a healthy and longer life. Do not make a weight loss goal but will just gain it back right away.
  • Follow the HCG diet plan wisely- There is a weight loss plan that will cause weight and muscle loss. Choose the HCG diet because it works on the opposite side. It helps you burn all your unhealthy body fats and preserves your muscles. It will also help you in choosing a healthy meal plan and to be a healthy eater. The HCG will supplement your body’s ability to burn fats and use it as your energy source. That is why it is safe to implement a very low-calorie diet. This offers a faster weight loss result and successful resetting of your metabolic rate.

The steak and apple day during the HCG diet

Steak day is a step to correct weight gains and stall. This is usually done if your weight is 2lbs higher than your last weigh-in. You have to eat nothing all day and have a big steak at dinner. You can only have water, tea or coffee for your whole day. The purpose of your steak day is to balance the calories in your body. An apple a day is also one way of getting back to your diet track. Start your apple day during lunch on the first day and end it at night on the next day. You have to drink more water because apples have small content of natural sugar.

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