There are no perfect dieters in this perfect world. This means that you would slip on your diet. No matter how well you dedicate yourself to lose weight you will still be tempted by foods. Stalling on the HCG diet is normal because of various circumstances. Cheating happens sometimes because of uncontrolled perception of food. Weaknesses always happen but the best thing you would do is to reset.

Resetting does not mean you have to restart. You do not have to go back to the beginning when you cheat during your diet. This is because there are planned corrections to solve and deal with the effect of cheat days. The effect of cheat days goes beyond upset tummy, being bloated and improper digestion. The best thing you would do is to accept that you have cheated on your diet. Forgive yourself right away and do something to correct it. Do not prolong the effect of cheating in your body because it might cause various weight-related problems.

Cheat day gets in your head and always makes you feel like you fail on your diet. It will trigger your stress hormones to arise and causes you to gain weight. Do not end up blaming yourself for losing control in eating. Instead, you have to tell yourself to rise and get back on your diet track right away. The effect of cheating can be prevented if you do something right away.

Make sure that your body must burn all the calories you have recently eaten. You cannot start the fat burning if there are still existing extra food calories from your cheat days. Cheating causes weight gain, weight loss delay and it also increases your hunger. You will also more likely tend to be in a constant battle against food cravings or emotional hunger. Emotional hunger will make you cheat even more.

How to get back on track after cheating during the HCG diet?

  • Drink water- Weight gain after a cheat day are usually not because you gain more fats. This is sometimes because of water retention. To end up water retention you have to drink an adequate amount of water. It will help your body in flushing out the food chemicals that cause you to gain weight. Water as well helps you get through water retention. It promotes cleansing and proper distribution of nutrients in your body. It also promotes the proper flow of your blood during weight loss.
  • Do not skip your meals- Bouncing back after cheating does not mean you have to deprive yourself. You still have to eat the right amount and count calories during your diet. This is because the foods that you will eat helps you reach your weight loss goal. You do not have to skip meals because it might cause nutrient deficiency. Skipping meals by not eating now will make you hungrier on your next meal. Such cases might cause you to cheat even more.
  • Make a Plan– You have to make a meal plan based on the daily requirements of calories during the HCG diet. Choose the foods that are good for you after cheat days. Always refer to your HCG diet food list for better food options. It is better if you will load up more on fiber and green leafy vegetables. You do not have to deprive yourself of punishment. Eating lesser calories than the 500 calorie requirements will just slow down your metabolism.
  • Give your body a break from unhealthy food indulgences- Dump all the highly processed food items, junk foods, and even your sugary drinks. Opt for fresh food products such as fruits and vegetables. Fresh products have higher nutritional value than the foods you used to indulge. You can have fresh lean meat, fish instead of sausages and other processed meat products. Sugary drinks or processed drinks can give you nothing but a higher level of calories.
  • Wiggle up You have to stay active again to shake off your fat stores. Being active will restart your metabolic rate and maintains proper digestion. Give your diet a little boost by doing light exercises. Light activities will also improve your vitality and muscular strength. Light exercises can boost your metabolism and improves your mood and focus. It can also burn extra calories in various parts of your body.
  • Maintain your HCG shot- HCG diet is low fat and low-calorie diet. Get familiar with your diet protocol to avoid cheating or any slip. Maintain your HCG shot to help in curbing hunger and cravings. It works intently in burning your body fats and used it as your energy source. HCG as well as resets your metabolic rate for faster weight loss.

The recommended solution after a cheat day on the HCG diet

  • The steak day

This is one way of correcting weight gain on the HCG diet. You can do the steak day if your weight goes beyond 2lbs than your last weigh-in. You have to eat nothing all day and prepare a large piece of lean meat for dinner. You are only allowed to drink water or tea and coffee during day time. This style of loading will hopefully get you back on your diet track in the following day. Serve fat-free beef meat and make sure to weigh it before cooking. You can also add one apple or tomato. The purpose of steak day is to balance back your calories during the HCG diet.

  • The apple day

The apple day is to help you jump start your metabolism. It will help you get back on your diet track whenever your weight is stalling. The apple day is done when your weight is stalling for 3 days. You can eat nothing but 6 to 7 green apples for the whole day. You also have to stay hydrated during your apple day. Water helps in dealing with water retentions that are sometimes caused by menstruation. Water retention is the cause of weight gain or stalls because of the water weight in your body. It will just be gone as soon as your period ends.

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