Can You Lose Weight Without a Strict Diet while using HCG Injections?

Exercise and a balanced diet are essential to maintain a healthy body. Weight loss is both a mental and physical process to improve your overall health. Before starting the HCG diet, ensure you have reachable goals and an optimistic mindset. It will help you get through food temptations, alleviate stress, and manage your stalls. Eat healthy foods and incorporate some light exercise routine to improve your overall health.

Weight loss has several factors to consider but, individual differences do not affect the mechanism of the HCG. What if you are a busy person? How can you lose weight without exercising? Note that the original protocol of the HCG diet does not require an exercise routine to increase your weight loss. The HCG can burn fats by combining them with low-calorie foods. Exercising is optional but, you need to follow the diet protocol.

Does it mean you have to stick to a strict diet?

The HCG diet protocol seems intimidating at first due to the advisable calorie intake per day during the VLCD. But, it does not deprive you of enjoying healthy foods. Follow the protocol and avoid processed foods because it interferes with your progress. The HCG diet program provides a food list as your reference to prevent loading excess calories.

Can You Lose Weight Without a Strict Diet?

The weight loss results on the HCG diet are a factor of the combination approach of HCG injections and VLCD. Eating calorie-loaded foods can cause weight gain regardless if you are dieting or not. So, following an unhealthy diet while using HCG shots can interfere with your progress.

How to Improve your Progress on the HCG Diet?

  • Make a to-do list. Ensure to have information about the protocol of the HCG diet. It will guide you on what you will do. Write your plan in your weight loss journal and stick to those things. Making a to-do list prevents you from last-minute planning. You can also prepare healthy on-the-go foods to avoid hunger.
  • Learn to say no. Avoid giving in to food temptations because it is a pitfall. Say no to strenuous activities and unhealthy foods to prevent adding calories to your diet. Avoid stressful things at work or anywhere else to avoid emotional pressure.
  • Establish a healthy relationship with food. Note that foods are not your boss that can overpower your weight loss goal. Focus on the foods that can help you lose weight. If you hate following a strict diet, reduce your intake of processed foods and maintain proper portion sizes. It will help you reduce your calorie intake. Relax your mind and body to increase your metabolism and alleviate stress.
  • Take some vitamins. Ensure that they do not interfere with the mechanism of HCG. Vitamins can sustain the nutritional needs of your body when some food choices are not available. The HCG diet permits vitamin A, B, C, magnesium, and B12. But, avoid taking weight loss pills during the HCG diet because it can ruin your progress.


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