Can You Speed Up Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?

The weight loss on the HCG diet is fast and straightforward. Set a realistic weight loss goal and stick to the diet protocol to avoid slip-ups.  While taking HCG injections, ensure that you follow the restrictions and recommendations to maximize your weight loss. It will help you establish a healthy relationship with food and gain an eating discipline.

Speeding up your progress on the HCG diet does not mean spending most of your time in the gym and strenuous exercise sessions. Strenuous physical activities are not permissible during the HCG diet because they can cause fatigue. Maintain a balanced diet and couple it with an active lifestyle while using the HCG shots.

Keep your calorie intake low and avoid eating processed foods. Maintain a healthy diet to prevent the rapid deposition of fats in your body. The HCG works faster in burning your fats and converts them into fuel. It speeds up your metabolic rate and results in faster weight loss. Maintain your HCG shots every day and avoid skipping a dosage to prevent delaying your progress.

How To Speed Up your Weight loss on the HCG Diet?

  • Eat slowly to keep yourself from over-eating. Avoid adding sugar to coffee and tea because it can interfere with your weight loss. Substitute sugar with stevia.
  • Weigh yourself every morning to determine gains and losses. Maintain proper portioning to keep your calorie intake low.
  • Maintain your hydration by drinking 2 liters of water every day but, avoid drinking it all at once. Substitute the sugary drinks with freshly-squeezed fruit juice. It helps you in dealing with your cravings without compromising your progress.
  • Take body measurements from your chest, butt, and belly.

Other Phase 2 Tips that will Avoid Delaying Your Progress

  • Leg cramps may occur to some dieters. If you experience cramps, you can use cell salts. It is safe with the HCG and helps in easing your muscle.
  • Avoid eating sugary foods because they are the culprit of weight gain. Sugary foods will block the HCG and stimulates your appetite.
  • Crab meats are permissible but ensure they are fresh products and not imitation meat. Avoid eating processed meats because they contain chemicals that can cause weight gain.
  • Pay attention to your portions sizes because healthy foods still contain calories. Avoid going beyond the 500 calorie allocation per day on the HCG diet.
  • Avoid salty foods to prevent water retention and weight gain. Avoid flavored tea or bottled coffee because they can also hold water weight in your body.
  • Using cosmetics and lotion are also not permissible as most products contain animal fat. The HCG diet will take care of your skin health and prevents saggy skin after rapid weight loss.
  • To boost your weight loss, ensure that you have an adequate time of sleep every day. It will balance the hormones and improve your metabolic rate.
  • Use spices with caution and read food labels before buying them. Opt for herbs and Natural Spices than buying additives in the market.
  • Avoid missing vegetables or buying dried fruits because they can increase your calorie intake on the HCG diet.
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