Cooking oil is a synthetic fat from an animal or plant. It is used in cooking, baking, and other food preparations. The common method of cooking today is through frying foods in oil. This becomes the culprit of weight gain and obesity in the US. According to studies, people gain weight because of the indulgences of foods that contain fats and oils. Avoid cooking your foods in butter or any cooking oil.

Can you use cooking oil during the VLCD of the HCG diet?

The first thing you need to understand is the role of cooking oil in your diet. You can still use cooking oil during the HCG diet but in the smallest amount. The only oil you can use is coconut oil and low-calorie oil with vitamin D. For example when you cook your vegetable dish you can add a tablespoon of oil to it. Make sure to use cooking that does not interfere with digestion.

Using cooking oils as a method of preparing your foods is not allowed every day. This is in line with the protocol of the HCG diet for phase 2 which prohibits fried foods. Other cooking oils can affect how the HCG reprograms its way of burning your body fats. Take note that the HCG diet is a calorie-based regimen. You need to avoid foods that contain too many calories including fried foods and oils.

Does the original protocol consider the use of coconut oil on VLCD?

The original protocol does not recommend the use of oils as part of the cooking method on the HCG diet. It does not also mention that you can use coconut oil. However, some doctors now are recommending this kind of oil. As long as you maintain the calorie restriction you can have this oil in your food. See to it that you are using the oil correctly and you are not soaking your foods in it.

Why use coconut oil?

Coconut oils are safe to use instead of using vegetable oils. This is one of the healthiest oil for your body. Coconut oil is different from other fats because it does not accumulate in your fat tissue. It stimulates metabolism and helps during digestion. Coconut oil also releases satiety and fullness in your stomach.

Tips in using coconut oil during the VLCD of the HCG diet

  • See to it that it has low calories and purely made from coconut oil
  • You can use this in making smoothie but it is optional
  • To promote satiety make sure you are counting calories including the use of oil
  • Use a tablespoon or two if you want a semi-stir fry vegetable dish
  • Cook your foods in low heat to lessen the use of oil
  • Instead of the usual butter replace it with a healthier choice

The method of cooking you can do during the HCG diet is not frying. This means that you do not need to cook oil every day. During the HCG diet, you must opt to steam, boil, or grill your food. It will prevent you from using cooking oil.

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