Carb Cravings and Substitute on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a challenging weight loss regimen as it requires a commitment to the protocol. Put your effort into making it work by avoiding your unhealthy cravings. On the second phase of the HCG diet, you can eat 500 calories per day. You might experience hunger in the first few days but, it will be gone as the HCG spreads in your system.

Food cravings are typical during the second phase of the HCG diet as your body is adopting the protocol. Make sure that you follow the strict list of the permissible items for weight loss. Avoid foods that have loads of carbs to prevent weight gain.

What is Carbs?

Carbs are a group of organic compounds occurring in foods. It includes sugar, cellulose, and starch, and they release fuel that your body will use. The calories that your body will get from carbs are helpful for the body can function well. But, eating lots of calories from carbs increases the fat deposition in your body. As a result, it will lead to weight gain.

Carb Cravings on the HCG Diet

Carbs are only permissible on the first two days of taking your HCG shots. On the third day, start cutting down your food intake that includes carbs. Cravings are typical at the onset of the diet because your body is adjusting to the calorie cut down. It is a natural response of your body when the HCG starts to detoxify.

How to Stop your Carb Cravings on the HCG Diet?

There are several ways that you can stave off these cravings and stick to your weight-loss track. Avoid eating sweet foods and baked goods because they are one of the triggers of cravings. Use these tips to reduce your cravings for carbs:

  • Drink more water. Thirst can sometimes mislead to hunger.  Water is essential to control your appetite and prevent cravings. It helps in filling your stomach and keeps you fuller until the next meal. Ensure that you are consistent with your water intake throughout the day to prevent dullness.
  • Drink tea or coffee. These are the approved beverages aside from water on the HCG diet. You can put some mint leaves or add stevia to taste. Tea helps in staving off symptoms of starvation and cravings. Having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning prevents your blood sugar from spiking and keeps your satiety.

Substitute for Carb Cravings on the HCG Diet

  • HCG diet-approved filling foods. Fruits that are low in calories are permissible on the second phase of the HCG diet. Apples, oranges, and grapefruits can be a substitute for carbs as they stave off cravings.
  • You can also eat broccoli, cauliflower, and other green veggies to help in curbing hunger.
  • Grissini and breadsticks are also permissible on the HCG diet. You can have them as your snacks on the VLCD.
  • Stevia can also control your cravings for carbs and sugary foods. It is a natural sweetener that is permissible on the HCG diet. You can use stevia on various HCG diet-approved meals to boost the taste.
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