Carbohydrate is a compound that occurs in food that includes sugar and starch. Carbs are used by your body to get more energy. However, if you load too much, it can cause weight gain. Excessive amounts of carbs can cause high blood pressure. This is also a cause of the unhealthy storing of fats in various parts of your body.

Carbs are not allowed during the HCG diet because it delays your weight loss goal. It increases your possibility of being in the risk of weight-related diseases. Carbs will spike your blood sugar levels. The excessive intake of carbs has the potential to develop type-2 diabetes. The HCG will burn the fats that are caused by the excessive loading of carbs.

You can introduce carbs and sugar gradually after weight loss stabilization. Choose the whole foods for your HCG diets such as vegetable and fruits. Your body needs minerals and vitamins for the success of your weight loss. Substitute more fiber or lean meat instead of loading carbohydrates. Give your body a break from various chemicals that cause weight gain. Do not eat foods that have flavorings, food color, chemicals, preservatives, etc.

What are the two types of carbohydrates?

  • Simple carbohydrates

These mostly contain sugar and have the quickest source of energy. It can cause rapid weight gain. It has calories that are not good during the HCG diet. Simple carbs will trigger hunger and cause you to eat as much food as you can. Simple carbs increase your blood sugar levels. Stay away from various milk products, refined sugar, and even soft drinks.

  • Complex carbohydrates

This is also known as the dietary starch which is made of sugar molecules. These are commonly found in plants. This is rich in vitamins and minerals. However, it is not allowed during the very low-calorie diet. The complex carbs are allowed during your weight loss maintenance. Choose to have healthy carbs choices such as legumes, lentils, black beans, and chickpeas. Control your intake of carbs even after the very low-calorie diet.

The disadvantages of carbs during your HCG diet

  • It increases body fat levels- These will break down into glucose and it will be released in your blood. Even a small amount of glucose can cause storing of fats in various parts of your body. Eating too many carbs promotes increased fat storage. This is because your blood glucose levels are high.  It also raises your risk of having type II diabetes.
  • It increases your hunger levels- The increase in blood sugar triggers hunger. It affects your stability during the very low-calorie diet. Your body will constantly send out hunger signals which cause you to eat too much. Hunger pangs will just be gone by loading an excessive amount of carbs. Hunger pangs also trigger cravings and may also increase high stress levels.
  • It can increase the risk of having cell damage- Excessive loading of carbohydrates causes various complications. It can destroy cells in your body thus, leads to high blood sugar levels. It also damages your nerves and blood vessels. Your heart as well might get affected and many more body organs. This is the reason why you constantly experience diseases. It is better to load on organic food products. This is also helpful in maintaining the weight loss and stability of your health.

What are the advantages of organic food choices?

Organic products do not contain any food chemicals. The food chemicals will delay the work of HCG in your body. The organic products are given attention by health professionals. This is because of its various benefits in your body even if you are not doing the HCG diet. You can get more nutrients and healthy food chemicals from organic food products. The organic foods will also aid you in embracing a new lifestyle.

What can you get from organic loading during the HCG diet?

You can get more nutrients than the usual products you can buy in the market. Organic products are free from dangerous chemicals such as pesticides and preservatives. You can also get direct nutrients that help to maintain your health. The unhealthy food chemicals in processed products can cause diseases or even death. However, organic products promote health and take off diseases. Organic products are also helpful in increasing your life span. You will live longer, stronger and having a healthy and fit body.

The organic food products allowed during the HCG diet

Fruits and vegetables

Do not purchase process fruits and vegetable because of its added ingredients. Processed products are prone to preservatives and other unhealthy chemicals. Opt to have freshly picked fruits and vegetables. It will promote weight loss and help you reach your weight loss goal fast. Canned vegetable and dried fruits can stop your weight loss. But, organic fruits and vegetables will aid you in losing weight and burning food calories. The organic fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. It is healthier than those that are conventionally raised version. These are denser in nutrients.

Organic meat

The animals that are raised organically are free from unhealthy hormones. These are the common hormones that are used to promote growth. The organically raised animals are safer. HCG diet allows you to eat lean meat. It is better to have the organically raised meat products to avoid the effects of growth hormones. Choose to have fat-free meat and make sure to weigh it before cooking.

Organic meat is rich in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein. It helps in maintaining healthy cardiovascular tissue. Protein can also improve fullness and curbs hunger ad cravings during the VLCD. However, you still have to continue to portion your meat intake. Do not neglect to follow the caloric requirements of the HCG diet.

You can also introduce slowly organic milk. Choose the milk that is fresh and free from sugar. It will boost your mood and deals with high-stress levels. Milk products are allowed during your weight loss stabilization.  

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