Cheating makes weight loss difficult. You want to do everything just to avoid it. You feel guilty about cheating and make you lose control. You may end up gaining weight instead of losing it. There is a tip on the HCG diet protocol on how to correct cheating. It may affect you and your whole body. The best thing here in HCG is that it can be done unlimitedly. You can repeat the diet for the second time if you want. Make sure to make it on round 2 of the HCG diet. Do not end up wasting your money, time, and effort in cheating over and over again.

If you did not reach the weight loss goal because of cheating, you can do it again. Be familiar with the protocol and the rules of each round. Wait for 6 weeks before you start round 2. This includes 3 weeks doing phase 3. The purpose of waiting is to make sure that the body is not immune to HCG. Starting the diet again is similar to what happened in the first round. Do the Following for preparation:

  • Healthy eating- Continue eating the healthy foods in HCG. You may stop using the HCG hormones but do not stop healthy eating. Take out all the sugar and carbs in the body. Avoid the temptation of cheating again. HCG can reset the metabolism and do not make it harder to transition in VLCD. Expect side effects in the first few days before round 2. Make sure to eat healthy foods and put an effort into the diet duration.
  • Visit a doctor- Meet a medical doctor for a check-up. Get a go signal from the doctor to make sure that the body is ready for the diet. Make sure to have the exact body fats to lose in the second round of the diet.
  • Exercise- during the 6 weeks break you need to do regular exercise. This will help in burning the unnecessary fats that you happen to eat during the break. Be consistent on the exercise plan that you have. You can double the time of the light exercise that you have on round 1.
  • The loading phase- Just like the first round, you are required to do the loading phase again. Do it properly for the first three days after the rest. Make sure to follow the protocol and do not fail to do this. Loading is eating natural fats. This is done to make sure that your body and fats stores are ready for the burning session.

You can plan different HCG meals during the 6 weeks break. This is helpful in preparing for round 2 of the diet. Follow the protocol and reach the weight loss goal.

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