Weight stall is one of the common problems that every dieter faced during weight loss. There are various reasons why the weight stall occurs. However, the main cause of it is cheating or overeating and under eating. It is not only by eating too much will affect the weight but also eating less. The body has daily nutritional requirements. It is not good to eat foods lower than the exact requirements of the body.

Eating lesser foods can lower the energy of the body. Thus, it will affect the activity of the systems and organs of the body. Even if we are at rest, the body still needs energy because of the work inside such as pumping of blood and digestion. Eating fewer foods can affect the work of the body the same as how eating too much affects the body.  Low energy can cause constant hunger that would immediately allow the body to crave. It is the cause of eating too much in the next meal.

Overeating is considered cheating. It will go beyond the boundary of the normal or allowed food intake in a diet. The common risk of overeating is that there is a possibility that we load too many calories. These are the causes of why we gain weight too fast. That is why it is very important to consider studying the weight loss guide. It is the only way that helps the dieter knows the dos and don’ts of the diet. The diet guide will help the diet to reach success. It can also guide the dieter to be an effective eater and being good at portion control.

Skipping meals is discouraged here in the HCG diet. Portion and calorie control is required but it does not mean that you have to skip meals. Every meal is important because it will supply the nutritional requirements needed for the body. The purpose of the calorie cut down is to do the process n transitioning into a healthy lifestyle. It will also help in the work of the hormones as well as teach the dieter

Each dieter is advised to go organic. Hold on to the fresh products such as fruits and veggies. This is also one way of cleansing the body from all the toxins and chemicals from processed foods. Once the diet period is over, you will be getting back to normal eating. However, you are totally not allowed to go back to old eating habits.

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