Cholesterol Control Through the HCG Diet

Using the HCG to lose unwanted fats can also help you lose excess cholesterol. The HCG diet plan includes a dietary regimen that specifies the importance of cutting calories while using HCG shots. Generally, the protocol does not permit sugar, carbs, and unhealthy fats because they can interfere with your progress. Ensure that you maintain your hydration to release fat toxins and other chemicals in your body.

The specific part of the HCG diet is to follow the HCG diet food list as a reference to avoid eating foods that can increase your cholesterol levels. The HCG diet provides various recipes to avoid eating bland foods throughout the program. Maintain a 500 calorie intake per day to maximize your weight loss.

How does the HCG Diet Control Your Cholesterol Levels?

During the HCG diet, you will eliminate the sources of unhealthy cholesterol in your diet. It stimulates your body to lower LDL. The HCG reaches the stubborn fats and releases them into your bloodstream. It converts them into energy and boosts your weight loss. Change the foods you eat and administer the HCG injection to direct your metabolic rate. It helps in releasing unhealthy cholesterol and improve your overall health.

What are the Effects of Unhealthy Cholesterol?

It increases your risk of health problems and affects the circulation of blood. It also weakens your heartbeat and may lead to a heart attack. High cholesterol levels can harden your arteries and affects the flow of nutrients and oxygen in your system. The blockage in your Artery can also cause stroke and hypertension.

How to Control Your Cholesterol on the HCG Diet?

  1. Eat healthy foods. LDL comes from saturated and trans fats. These are present in animal products that cause obesity. During the HCG diet, opt for fresh food products and avoid eating processed items. Load more on vegetables, fruits, and lean meat to avoid worsening the LDL in your body.
  2. Visit your doctor. Before you start the HCG diet, visit your physician for a health assessment. It will determine your weight loss goal and set some limitations when you are on medications. Visit your doctor or dietician to ensure that your body is ready for the HCG diet protocol. Seek a regular check-up to track your cholesterol levels as you lose weight through the HCG diet.
  3. Administer the HCG. The weight loss hormone can produce rapid results on fat-burning. It can lower your cholesterol and improve other aspects of your health. Some weight-loss regimens can produce faster results, but only the HCG diet can keep your muscle mass.
  4. Manage your cravings. The HCG can suppress your appetite and control your calorie intake. Cravings are inevitable when you continue your bad habits. Manage your cravings by shifting your attention to other things that do not involve foods.

The HCG diet food choices are healthy options and, it contains low cholesterol levels. Increase your intake of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits to maintain healthy eating. Stick to the HCG diet protocol to control your cholesterol levels.

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