The basic eating tip on your HCG diet is picking up the whole and natural food choices. Choose whole foods instead of having processed and boxed products. Highly avoid processed foods to prevent eating too much. You also have to stop loading on ready to eat meals. HCG does not allow you to have chips, cookies, and foods that are high in sugar and salt.

What is clean eating on the HCG diet?

This is when you consume whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. Clean eating is a way of limiting unhealthy food choices such as fatty foods. Adopting clean eating is an effective and simple way of losing weight through the HCG diet. Clean eating also helps your body in cleansing from various food chemicals.

Tips on clean eating on the HCG diet

  • Load on fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. These are also helpful in dealing with cancer cells and the cause of various diseases. Choose a whole fruit that has more fiber content than sugar. Watch out with the intake of calories especially on VLCD because natural products also carry calories. Make sure to have freshly picked products. Do not purchase canned vegetables and dried fruits.

  • Do not load on sugar and salty foods

Clean eating must be low in salt and no sugar. Sugar and salt is a contributor to weight gain. These are one of the factors that stop the HCG from burning your fat. Sugar allows storing fats in various parts of your body. Processed foods have most of the sugar and salt ingredients. Choose to have natural herbs as your choices of flavorings and natural sweeteners.

  • Check the product label

Stay away from unhealthy food ingredients by checking food labels. Unhealthy ingredients such as food color, sugar, MSG, and preservatives are not allowed. These food ingredients do not have any place in your meal option during your HCG diet. You have to be aware of food labels especially if you are doing your grocery shopping. Keeping off from these food ingredients can help in reaching your weight loss goal fast.

  • Stay hydrated

Water helps cleanse your blood. It helps in pushing out liquid calories and toxins from your body. Water also carries out the unhealthy fats that are burned by the HCG. Water can also curb your hunger and keep you full during your VLCD. You can also have a sweet water-treat without any guilt. You can add lemonade and stevia in your glass of water. This is a simple way of enjoying sweet treats without gaining weight.

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