Clean eating during the HCG diet helps you in losing weight. Clean eating is an open door for you to maintain a healthy body. You have to continue eating clean foods even after your HCG diet. This is because eating clean will help you in maintaining your weight. It will also help you in attaining a longer life. Clean eating also requires you to have healthy food choices in an exact portion.

Eating clean after your HCG diet will help you in maintaining a healthy body. Consider the healthy eating tips during your HCG diet. You have to continue your healthy lifestyle even if you are done with your weight loss process. Increase your exercise routine to help you with your cardiovascular health.

Clean and healthy eating tips for your HCG diet

  • Proper food preparation– Proper food preparation includes cooking in your house. Your food must be prepared carefully so that it will not cause you to gain weight again. Control the serving sizes even if you are not doing the VLCD anymore. You have to be careful about loading foods. You can also eat six meals each day with healthy food choices. However, you have to slowly introduce more food choices because they are new to your body. Avoid using oils and food ingredients or flavorings.
  • Choose the right foods– Do not load on processed products because it will cause you to eat too much. You are also not allowed to go back to your eating habits after your HCG diet. This is because unhealthy eating habits will cause you to gain weight. Choose the right foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, lean meat, etc.
  • No food chemicals allowed– Food with chemicals will not just cause you to gain weight. It can also affect your health. Stay away from food items that have preservatives, sodium, sugar, etc. This is because these food choices are very low in nutrients and may cause poor nutrition.
  • Eat slowly– You are not on a race. Eating must be enjoyed and not to be rushed. You have to eat slowly so that your body can take time in digesting foods. Eating slowly will help in maintaining healthy digestion and metabolism. It can also help you in focusing on what you are eating. Eating slowly will also prevent you from eating too much. Give your body time to process and digest your food properly. This is to make sure that your body absorbs the nutrients that are needed for health maintenance.
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