Phase 3 is the maintenance phase of the HCG diet. This is done after the period of the VLCD. There is a big chance to succeed in weight maintenance if the protocol is followed properly. There is also a common mistake of dieter that causes a slip on the diet. HCG diet phase 3 has too many things that you must look into. The maintenance phase is when you need to double your effort because you might slip out of it.

Here are the common mistakes of Phase 3

The calorie- You are out of the 500 calorie diet. However, it does not mean that you are allowed too many calories. Too many calories can add the weight of the body. It does make the weight loss get complicated. You must control the intake of calories. The body tends to start in storing fats because of the calorie intake. Create your own phase 3 meal plan based on the HCG diet food list. Be careful of sugar and starches. You might eat it accidentally. It is better to check food labels in food packages before you purchase it. Avoid all the products that have sugar content in any form.

You might eat too much- You can add more kinds of food in this phase except for sugar and starch. However, be careful because you might eat too many cautionary foods. These are the allowed foods in limited servings. You can have the freedom to eat more portions of food in this part. However, there are still restricted foods that are still not allowed for this phase.

The daily food intake- Continue to track the foods you have been eating or the foods that you are going to eat. Failure to track the foods might cause weight gain or weight stall. Track the foods so that you will be able to know the nutritional needs of the body on day to day basis. The essential part of HCG diet phase 3 is the foods that are rich in protein. This can maintain weight loss. It can also give the feeling of fullness which allows you to avoid hunger pains. Always have protein in your daily meal even after the HCG diet.

Add more kinds of food in your diet slowly. Help your body to take time in adjusting form VLCD. Do add too many foods at a single time. It may cause stomach-ache. Add the foods slowly especially when you are in the first few days of Phase 3.

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