Bad eating habits affect your weight loss. It can cause weight gain without being completely aware of it. The things that you overlook or overdo will end up as the things that cause you to gain weight. You can correct these diet mistakes during the HCG diet. It resets your appetite by following the HCG diet protocol. HCG diet is very sensitive to your actions and even on the food choices you have. Assess everything that you will do so that you can avoid unhealthy habits. Make sure that you do not do anything against your diet protocol.

The HCG works naturally in your body in reaching and taking off unhealthy fats. It burns the fats in your muscle and other hard to reach parts of your body. However, no matter how fats the diet works there will always a time that it will stop. Stopping of weight loss does not mean that you also need to stop. There are various causes of why your weight loss stops such as eating unhealthy foods.  You have to do something right away in case your weight loss process stops.

What are the mistakes that often affect your HCG diet?

  • Using the non-HCG friendly products– Watch out on every product you are going to buy and use during the HCG diet. Be careful with your cosmetics, lotion and other products. Most of the beauty products are made from animal oil which is harmful during weight loss. Any type of oil is not allowed on the entire weight loss process. You have to stop using lotions that contain oil while you are doing the HCG diet.
  • Failure to control your intake of calories- Avoid an unintentional loading on foods without counting the portion control. It causes you to gain weight right away. However, you can still do something in case of weight gain. This is the time that you can do a steak and apple day. Correct it right away by controlling your intake of food.
  • Food cheating– Cheating is a way of eating too much food without thinking of the possible effect. Cheating is when you eat food items that are not allowed during the HCG diet. These are the process, dried and canned foods. It will not just stop your weight loss but also it can cause weight gain. You have to get back right away on your diet track especially on Phase 2.
  • You are not tracking your weight loss- Tracking your weight loss must be a part of your routine. Track your weight loss by weighing every morning as soon as you get up. You have to list down your daily weigh-in on your diet journal. Tracking your weight loss includes tracking your food intake. Because your food intake can also be the cause of weight gain or weight loss. Weight also your foods before cooking.
  • You overdo your exercise routine- Exercise is just a way to help you maintain your muscle mass during the HCG diet. The HCG will be the one to work on your weight loss. Your exercise routine will just aid in keeping your body active. Lifting heavy weights and hard work out are not allowed to avoid loss of energy. You are only allowed to have at least 10 minutes of light exercise during your VLCD. Light exercises will improve your mood and maintains cardiovascular health.
  • You step out on your diet track- Follow each step of the HCG diet. Do not skip a single step or phase because it is important in reaching your weight loss goal. Stepping out on the diet track will cause you weight gain and unstable health. It doubles your weight compared to before. Stop cheating on your diet because it will sabotage your weight loss. Stepping out on track can ruin the work of HCG in your body. Go back to your diet track and administer your HCG shot carefully.

What are the foods that you need to avoid during the HCG diet?

  • Fried potatoes and chips

Fried potatoes can cause weight gain. It is as well linked to various diseases such as high cholesterol and obesity. One serving of fried potato of potato chips can eventually add your weight. Avoid potato chips or other deep-fried food products. It does not just affect your weight loss but also to your health.

  • Sugar-sweetened drinks

 Drinks such as soda, wine, fruit juices, and alcohol are not allowed. These are considered as the unhealthiest foods on earth. These are linked with weight gain and other disastrous health effects. The liquid calories in sweetened drinks do not register in your brain. This makes you drink too much and causes diseases. The sweetened drinks also cause rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body. Sugary drinks negatively affect your general health and weight loss.

  • Pastries and pizza

These contain Trans fats which are linked to weight-related diseases. These are satisfying but you will end up having cravings for high-calorie foods. These are low nutrient foods. Pizza is one of the most popular delicious but unhealthy foods. It has very high calories, processed meat, and refined flour.

  • Canned vegetables and dried fruits

The nutritional value of fruits and veggies lowers when you add preservative on it. Canned vegetables have added preservatives and other industrial chemicals. These chemicals make the vegetable stays longer in the can. Dried fruits as well have added sugar which is dangerous during your HCG diet.

  • White Bread and candy

This is highly refined and contains a lot of sugar that spikes your blood sugar. It has a bigger risk that is related to obesity. This will also put you at the risk of getting hunger and cravings for the entire day. Candy Bars are packed of added sugar, flavorings and refined flour as well. Candy bars are small but they are high in calories. Fruits are more filling and nutritious than candy bars and other sweet treats.

  • Fruits juices

These are not whole anymore which makes it dangerous for the HCG diet. Fruit juices contain more sugar the same with soda and sweet wines. Whole fruits have fiber content while fruit juice does not have any fiber. This means that a single orange fruit is more filling than a glass of fruit juice.

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