Cooking habits that interfere with the HCG

Cooking habits refer to your food options and how you prepare them. Your daily routine in cooking controls how you obtain, use, and discard foods. The way you cook foods influences your eating habits. A healthy cooking routine is essential to boost your health.

The HCG diet program allows you to follow a protocol to avoid hunger during the VLCD. To introduce the weight loss hormone, you have to reduce your calorie intake. It permits your body to recognize the mechanism of the hormone in fat burning.

Food preparation during the HCG diet

Avoid eating foods that have sugar, oil, and fats during the HCG diet. It means that frying is not permissible. When you prepare your meals, you should weigh them before cooking. Weighing applies to all items you will have during the VLCD.

What are the Cooking Habits that stop the HCG from burning fats?

  1. The use of cooking oils. Most of the delicious treats around you have oils. Avoid adding fats to your foods during the second phase of the HCG diet. Doing so can result in weight loss pitfalls. During the HCG diet, you cannot eat items that you soak in oil and butter. As much as possible, use a non-stick pan to avoid adding oils to your food.
  2. You get the portion of ingredients using your eye. It is one of the known cooking habits that result in weight gain. When you use your eye to measure the ingredients, you tend to overestimate them. Too many additives can interfere with the mechanism of HCG. It can also add excess calories during the VLCD. Use the measuring cup or spoon to get the right portion size of food ingredients.
  3. Too many foods. Lower your food intake during the HCG diet and avoid calorie deposition in your fat stores. Preparing too many foods leads to binge-eating and wasting foods. To avoid wasting your meals, you can freeze the leftovers and eat them in the next meal period. Prepare foods that are enough for you in one meal.
  4. “Tasting” too much. When you taste food while cooking, you tend to load double the calorie rations. Tasting food too much packs your body with additional loads of calories. Ensure that you are full when you cook your food. It keeps you from tasting them most of the time. You can also eat a medium-sized fruit to control your appetite.
  5. The ready-made sauces. Be careful with the items you add to your food. Most of the products in the market are processed and, it interferes with the HCG. They have loads of additives, flavorings, and preservatives that result in weight gain. Make a proper plan in cooking your meals to break the habit. If you cannot cook meals without slaving in the kitchen, you can use HCG-approved sauces.

Stick to the HCG diet protocol every day. Limit your food intake to improve the population of good bacteria that helps during digestion. Healthy cooking habits boost your power over your cravings for unhealthy foods. Prepare your meals at home and use fresh ingredients.

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