Every cooking show is presenting the use of cooking oils and how it improves the taste of the food. Foods that are cooked with oil or butter appear to be delicious. Cooking oils have saturated fats which are dangerous to your body tissues. The constant use of it can trigger inflammation and blockage of the flow of blood. It makes your blood vessel unstable which gives you a greater risk of heart disease.

Foods that are cooked with oil are dangerous to your HCG diet. Fried foods become high in fat and calories. It’s the reason why most of the causes of weight gain and obesity are because of oily and fatty foods. During the HCG diet, you cannot eat deep-fried and other oily foods.

Cooking oils and HCG diet

First of all, having fried foods is discouraged during the HCG diet. Regardless of your hunger, never use cooking oils during the very low-calorie diet. Cooking oils increases the calorie load of your food and stimulates your appetite. It’s the reason why most deep-fried food tastes better than other healthy options.

Regardless if it is saturated or hydrogenated vegetable oils do not use them during the HCG diet. It’s because of the effects it brings to your body’s cholesterol levels. Instead, dieters can cook their foods through a safe method such as boiling and steaming. You can also grill foods but avoid coating them with butter and other greases.

Can you use coconut oil during the HCG diet?

The modern protocol for the HCG diet permits low-calorie oils such as coconut oil. However, you have to follow safety considerations. It’s because cooking foods with oil during the HCG diet is not something you can do every day. Consider the possible effect of oil while taking your HCG shots. It may trigger mild side effects such as hunger pain.

Why use coconut oil instead of other choices?

Coconut oil offers a lot of benefits than the common grease that you use for cooking. It has uric acid which develops your defense against viral and bacterial infection. Although this type of fat does not cause a spike in your blood sugar levels you still need to be careful. Using coconut oil does not mean that you can soak your food to it.

The amount of coconut oil you can use for your food is one to two teaspoons only. You can add it to your vegetable meal or on your lean protein grill. Other cooking oil choices such as olive, sesame, canola, and virgin oil can interfere with your diet. If you feel that your weight is stalling, discontinue your use of cooking oils. Drink lots of water to avoid weight gain.

Weight loss depends on how you stick to the diet while taking your HCG shots. Adding cooking oils and other fats has an equal effect on your diet program. Stick to healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and protein-rich foods. For successful weight loss, you have to continue taking your HCG shots every day. Incorporate healthy routines such as light activities and meal planning.

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