Giving up dairy foods during the VLCD of the HCG diet is advised. This is because dairy foods may affect your weight loss. However, you can have dairy foods during your weight loss maintenance. Dairy foods have nutrients and protein that is good for your health. It has the fat content that can maintain the fullness of your stomach during the weight-loss maintenance. Low-fat dairy helps maintain proper digestion during weight loss maintenance.

Giving up on dairy products is not needed on the HCG diet. But, you have to stay away from it during your very low-calorie diet. Some dairy products do not help in your weight loss process. This is because dairy products are mostly loaded with fats and sugar. You have to be careful about the dairy products so make sure that it can help you maintain your weight loss.

The benefits of dairy products on your weight loss during the HCG diet

Dairy products help maintain healthy bone structure during your HCG diet. It is also helpful in lowering your risk of having cancer and other diseases. Dairy products are a good source of vitamin D and protein. It also provides potassium and vitamins A and B12. These are essential nutrients in maintaining your weight loss. You have to slowly introduce dairy products to give your body time to adjust. Make sure to load on dairy products that are not loaded with other ingredients such as sugar.

Here are some of the dairy products you can enjoy on the HCG diet

  • Regular yogurt– This can help your body promotes fat burning. It has friendly bacteria can help in lowering the absorption of unhealthy fats. It has calcium and it burns more fats. Regular yogurt can also be added on your fruit smoothie or other fruit snacks.
  • Greek yogurt– Creamy Greek yogurt increases the levels of your fullness. Make sure to have the unsweetened Greek yogurt or load it in minimal amount if it has sugar. Plain Greek yogurt has a protein that can help in maintaining muscle and bone health.
  • Cottage cheese- Cottage cheese has calcium that can help ward off fat. This is low in calories and has an excellent source of protein. It has vitamin B, phosphorus, and calcium.  You can add cottage cheese to the HCG diet and for your vegetable salad.
  • Low-fat milk– Low fat-milk as much protein as the regular milk. It can also help your muscle recover faster. Stick to unsweetened low-fat milk to successfully maintain your weight loss goal.
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