Doing the HCG diet without the diet hormone is harmful. This is because HCG diet can only be successful with the help of the hormones. The HCG will do major resetting and other weight loss activities in your body. You have to be careful in doing the HCG diet, especially during your VLCD. This is because there are food items that will delay the work of HCG in your body. The HCG is the reason why the VLCD is safe.

What are the effects of doing the weight loss without the HCG?

There will be no fat metabolism

You can lose weight by cutting down calories and extreme exercise. However, you will just gain your weight back. HCG diet without the diet hormones can harm your muscles. There will be no metabolism of fats that are supposed to be used as an energy source during the weight loss. The absence of HCG during your rapid weight loss will lower your energy and makes you crave for foods.

Metabolism of fat is important for the supply of energy to your body. The HCG will use your fats as the primary source of energy instead of calories. This is when the rapid fat burning takes place. This will only happen if the HCG is present in your body for weight loss.

There will be extreme hunger or hunger pain

The diet hormones will lower your hunger pains. Doing your weight loss without the HCG will cause fatigue and extreme hunger. This will eventually lead you to eat too much. The symptoms of hunger pangs will be gone if the HCG is administered properly. The HCG is needed for the success and safety of the very low-calorie diet. Hunger pains are just normal in the first few days of the VLCD. This is because your body is still adjusting to your new eating routine.

The presence of the HCG in your body makes the diet a safe weight loss aid. You can transition easily if you will administer the HCG injections properly. HCG diet injection can lower the risk of getting hunger pains in the midst of rapid weight loss.

HCG diet is done with the support of the diet expert. You will successfully reach your weight loss goal if you will follow the protocol. It will guide you on proper eating and in embracing a new routine. For maximum weight loss, you have to administer the exact dose of HCG and follow the eating guide for each phase.

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