Your brain is responsible for sending signals to your body to feel hungry. Hunger is either physical or emotional. Emotional hunger will cause you to do emotional eating. Physical hunger is the signal from your brain that is telling you to eat. Hunger is normal in the first few days of your HCG diet. However, it will just be gone when the diet hormones are able to control the metabolism. It is responsible for the resetting of the brain for fast metabolism.

How to deal with your hunger during the HCG diet?

  • Determine the root of your hunger– Emotional hunger will cause you to do emotional eating. This will make you gain weight or stall on your diet. Physical hunger is one way of telling you that you need food. Respond to physical hunger immediately. Do not wait until you get extremely hungry.
  • Stop the intake of fatty foods or carbs and sugar– These food choices will satisfy your hunger for a moment but it will cause you to eat too much. Carbs and sugar are not allowed during your HCG diet. The universal rule of diet says “stop the intake of carbs and sugar”. Check your food packages before you eat. Make sure that it does not contain any sugar or other harmful ingredients.
  • Do not skip meals– Skipping meals will lower your energy and causes you to starve. Every meal on your HCG diet is important because your body needs more energy for fat burning.
  • Have the exact dose of HCG during P2– Hunger during phase 2 can be avoided by having the exact dose of HCG. The diet hormone is responsible for curbing hunger.
  • Grab something to eat– If you are hungry in between meals, you can have something to eat. Grab your HCG snacks such as fruits or pickles. Make sure to load on the allowed fruits for your diet.
  • Load more on protein and veggies- Protein will help your stomach in maintaining its fullness during weight loss. Prepare an easy-to-grab snack to avoid extreme hunger.
  • Stay hydrated– thirst and hunger have the same signal in most cases. If you are hungry, you can drink water. It will help you stay full until your next mealtime.
  • Stop your heavy workout– Heavy workout is not allowed on your HCG diet because it will consume all your energy. It can cause stress and allows your body to find comfort in eating. Lack of energy pushes your body to feel hungry and will allow you to eat too much.
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