Losing weight through the HCG diet is not difficult. It has a diet plan that will help you in every phase. The 500 calorie phase of the HCG diet is based on Dr. Simeons’ original plan. The HCG diet is not so long to take. It has also detailed steps for every process, especially during the VLCD. If you are thinner, you have not much fat to lose compared to obese patients.

There are also cases that you can experience some weight loss barriers. You have to be careful with this because the HCG diet is sensitive to your actions. If you made mistakes you have to worry less because there are ways to deal with them. The effectiveness of the HCG diet can also make up some of those mistakes. However, you must not do it repeatedly.

Mistakes that you need to avoid while doing the P2 of the HCG diet

Mistake #1 -You fail to follow the protocol– One of the biggest mistakes is not following the protocol. If you fail to follow the requirements you will likely gain weight.

What to do: Makeup to it right away. Do not prolong from committing mistakes because it lowers the effectiveness of the HCG. Stick to very low-calorie foods. You also have to watch out for the cosmetics and lotions that you are using.

Mistake #2 -Guessing on food portions– the reason why you need to weigh your food is to get the right portion. Measuring portions ensure that you don’t eat too many calories. If you fail to portion your food choices you might load more than 500 calories.

What to do: Make sure to weigh your food before cooking. Weighing your food is important especially with the protein choices. Make sure that you get 100 grams of protein and 1 cup of vegetables per meal. Provide small dining plates to be precise with food portions.

Mistake #3- doing exercise too much– Any activities that are outside of your normal routine is unhealthy. Extreme or heavy exercises could affect your weight loss. Heavy exercise can force you to eat too many calories. It is also dangerous to do heavy exercise during the VLCD.

What to do: You can still incorporate light activities during the VLCD. You can do yoga, walking, meditation, or jogging. Exercising is not required during the HCG diet. You can still lose weight even without physical activities. The HCG alone can help you lose weight. It will burn your body fat even without going to the gym most of the time.

Mistake #4-Drinking wrong beverages– There are few and specific approved drinks for your HCG diet. You are not allowed to drink soda, wine, alcohol, and juices. These drinks are unhealthy and have added industrial ingredients. Drinking artificially sweetened drinks will delay the work of HCG in your system.

What to do: Follow the strict compliance drinks allowed on the HCG diet. Stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water per day. You are also allowed to have a cup of coffee or tea. However, it must be unsweetened.

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