Does Having a Weekend Cheat Permissible on the HCG Diet?

Cheating is not allowable when you are on the second phase of the HCG diet as it causes weight gain. Having a good amount of weight loss on the program does not exempt you from food temptations. That is why you should focus on your habits to prevent weight gain.

Weekend cheats are disruptive and may result in weight gain. Avoid eating high-calorie meals from events, celebrations, and parties during the HCG diet. Avoid entertaining cravings as they can be a source of excess calories.

Can you do a Weekend Cheat on the HCG Diet?

Weekend cheats are not permissible as they are the doors of your unhealthy eating habits. Food cheating during the weekend will result in a weight-loss stall. Avoid any forms of cheating on the very low-calorie period. The HCG diet is a challenging weight loss plan which requires your focus and dedication. To prevent some pitfalls, ensure that you stick to the diet protocol.

What will you do when you Cheat on the HCG Diet?

Avoid beating yourself up as it increases the feeling of guilt and leads to high stress levels. Everyone makes a mistake and, the important thing is you learn a lesson. Unintentional cheating may result in weight gain or slowing down of progress but, there are ways to correct them.

Get back on your weight-loss track as soon as you realize that you are cheating. Drink lots of water to flush out excess calories from your cheat meals. Here are other ways to prevent weight gain after a cheat meal on the HCG diet:

  • Forgive yourself and get back to your diet.
  • Get proper food portioning of your meals.
  • Do not skip your meals as it does not result in weight loss.
  • Reset your goals and keep track every day.
  • Make a proper meal plan that involves 500 calories per day.
  • Avoid eating processed foods on the HCG diet. Clear your pantry with unhealthy products.
  • Avoid sugary drinks as it stimulates your appetite to eat unhealthy foods.
  • Incorporate light exercise and physical activities to shift your focus.
  • Avoid alcohols and sugar-sweetened coffee on the VLCD.

Can you Have Cheat Meals at a Celebration or Parties?

Avoid leaving your house with an empty stomach to prevent picking lots of foods in the event. Instead of cheating, opt for fasting days to have fewer options to eat when you attend celebrations. Pick the foods that are permissible on the HCG diet. An example of this is picking one type of vegetable in a salad and drinking lots of water.

Will you Get a Low Blood Sugar on the VLCD of the HCG Diet?

Low blood sugar will not occur when you combine the VLCD with a daily shot of HCG injections. Focus on loading foods that are rich in protein and fiber. The HCG will increase your energy levels by getting fuel from the burned fats. It only means that the 500 calorie allocation per day is enough to keep your body going without adding sugar and calories.

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