Your weight changes as you get older because your metabolism starts to slow down. This happens when your age is approaching 50. It can be harder to lose weight as you age because of various factors. Maintaining a healthy weight during this stage of your life can also be a bit challenging. One common reason for weight gain is the menopausal stage.

You can still have full control over these things when you do the HCG diet. The HCG diet makes a major difference in how easy it is for you to deal with weight gain caused by aging. HCG diet is effective in treating obesity and weight gain regardless of your age.

Why does aging cause weight gain?

  • Your metabolism slows down– once you reach the age of 30 your metabolism will start to slow down. It can make a major difference in how fast you lose weight and how easy it is for you to put on weight. However, the HCG works naturally in resetting your metabolism. It boosts your metabolic rate so that your body can burn fats.
  • Your muscle mass starts to reduce-As you age you are starting to lose muscle mass. This leads to lower activity levels and the rapid storing of fats. You can still control muscle loss by doing the HCG diet. The HCG diet burns your body fats without touching a single mass of your muscle. Thus, improves muscle health through the intake of high protein foods.
  • Because of lack of sleep- not getting enough sleep makes you are likely to be fatigued. You will tend to compensate for your fatigue with lots of foods. Lack of sleep increases the chances of getting hungry throughout the day. If you are sleep deprived you can end up eating 20% or more calories than you normally have. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep by having proper time management.

How does the HCG work on weight gain caused by aging?

The HCG works by resetting your metabolism for faster fat loss. Along with this is the low-calorie intake. The HCG suppresses your appetite and curbs hunger during the VLCD. It also resets hormonal changes that due to the menopausal period. Thus, improves weight loss regardless of age and gender. The VLCD has healthy food options that help the work of HCG in your body.

Is it safe to do the HCG diet even if you have chronic diseases?

The HCG diet is safe to implement along with the provision of a medical expert. You cannot start your HCG diet without going through a medical assessment. Your doctor will be the one to give a go signal if you are ready for weight loss or not. Losing weight can curb chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other weight-related diseases. Chronic diseases are caused by your unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Start to improve your situation by taking your first and begin your weight loss now.

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