The HCG diet phase 2 is one of the important stages of the HCG diet. It is known as the heart of the HCG diet. Phase 2 is when you cut down your intake of calories to onset the work of HCG in burning your body fats. Each phase of the HCG diet is key to reaching your weight loss goal. You cannot proceed to the next phase if you fail to accomplish the first one. Each Phase has a purpose in preparing your fats stores, burning your fats, and maintaining your weight loss.

How does the HCG works during the VLCD?

The HCG will utilize your body fats for energy. It suppresses your appetite and keeps you free from hunger during the VLCD. The HCG will also reset your metabolism and prevents muscle loss during the rapid fat burning. You have to adhere to the diet protocol to be able to fight hunger. Stick to low-calorie foods to support the HCG. Taking HCG alone without following the protocol is not effective for weight loss.

Does the HCG diet work without doing the second Phase?

You cannot do the HCG diet without the VLCD. It is because the calorie cut down is important for the HCG to start working. HCG will only be effective if the dieter stays within a calorie-depleted state. The second phase of the HCG diet is not for you to get deprived of foods. The purpose of this is to develop a discipline not just in eating but also in choosing which food is allowed and which is not.

What will happen to the HCG diet without the VLCD?

Your body will not be able to release fats because the work of HCG stops. The HCG diet will just be bound for nothing and you might end up gaining more pounds. This only means that the VLCD is needed to release the full potential of the diet hormone. You need to consume healthy and low-calorie foods to boost digestion and burns extra calories.

Can you do the VLCD without the HCG?

You cannot do the very low-calorie diet that must be done in conjunction with the regular dose of HCG. Doing the VLCD alone is dangerous and may put your health at risk. The VLCD without HCG can cause fatigue, weakness, irritability, and energy loss. It can also cause nutritional deficiency and other health problems. However, if you do it along with the HCG you can lose weight faster. The HCG will burn your body fats and use them as your energy source during the HCG diet. You will not feel any hunger because HCG suppresses your appetite.

Why use the HCG for weight loss?

  • The HCG will increase your energy levels even when you are consuming less
  • The HCG diet helps you maintain a healthy weight reduction. There will also no associated hunger.
  • This will also lower your cholesterol levels. Thus, decrease the possibility of developing heart diseases
  • The HCG can preserve the integrity of your muscle and makes it leaner and firm.
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