Does the VLCD on the HCG Diet have Health Risks?

The VLCD or very low-calorie diet starts on the third day of taking your HCG shots. Your meal reference is your HCG diet food list and will guide you on the items you can have during the VLCD. During this phase, you can only eat 500 calories per day. Ensure you get them from protein, vegetables, fruits, and permissible carbs.

A low-calorie intake puts your body at risk of fatigue, low blood pressure, and dizziness. But, during the HCG diet, the VLCD is safe and helpful for weight loss. Ensure you are taking your HCG injections on the HCG diet time to implement the VLCD successfully.

Are there Health Risks on the VLCD of the HCG Diet?

The VLCD on the HCG diet does not have health risks and has minimal side effects. It is a safe regimen for obese patients who opt for natural treatment than surgeries. The HCG diet is safe and straightforward in burning your body fats without causing a health risk. There are minimal side effects but, it does not occur all at once. You can experience some:

  • Headache
  • Hunger pangs
  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue
  • Leg cramps
  • Cravings

These side effects do not occur very often and may not come at all. Ensure you are taking the HCG injections to prevent them from occurring.

Why is it Safe to do the VLCD on the HCG Diet?

During the second phase of the HCG diet, the hormone will assist the processes of your body. It increases fat burning and prevents muscle loss. The VLCD on the HCG diet is safe because:

  • You perform the program with medical providers.
  • You have healthy food choices throughout the process.
  • There is no nutritional deprivation during the HCG diet.
  • It is safe to implement as the diet hormone is pure and natural.
  • The patients should go through a medical assessment before starting the VLCD.
  • You will not spend the rest of your life doing the VLCD. You can see your progress every day when you follow the protocol.
  • Heavy activities and workouts are not permissible during the VLCD.
  • You can only eat organic foods and avoid processed products to prevent health risks.

Why do you Experience Side Effects during the VLCD?

Side effects are signs that your body is responding to the hormone. A headache can happen when your body is adjusting to VLCD. The side effects will be gone as soon as the hormone spreads in your system. Ensure you eat healthy foods and drink lots of water to control them when you begin the VLCD. Inform your dietician if hunger pangs and other side effects continue for several weeks.

How to Prevent Some Health Risk on the VLCD of the HCG Diet?

Ensure that you take the HCG every day to suppress your appetite. Track your progress and record it in your diet journal. Assess your diet to see the area where you need to improve. Choose healthy foods to balance your calorie intake and nutrients.

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