Phase 1 of the HCG diet is known to a dieter’s favorite. This is because; they can eat all the foods as much as they want. Studying the HCG diet plan is very important to understand the style. You will understand the importance of the loading phase in the duration of the diet. Phase 1 is when the body needs to store as much fat as possible. This is done in two days before the very low-calorie diet. The loading is designed for the body to use the fat stores to provide nourishment for the body. This is used for the whole diet duration.

Eat as much as possible you can. The following phase of the diet has calorie restrictions. This is why your body needs more fat stores. Start your HCG injections at this time. The hormones will start to utilize or boost metabolism. Eat rich, fatty, and calorie-dense foods. Make your best meals ever and indulge in them. The more fats the body can store the sooner the HCG will start working.

Do not skip your meals in the loading phase. Make sure to do the phase properly. Plan all your meals for the whole diet duration. This is the early stage of the diet. You can buy everything that is needed for you to avoid shopping during the VLCD.

Important Points

  • Avoid getting sick- Do not eat until you get sick. If you feel full, take time to rest. Give your body time to process the foods. Avoid foods that cause heartburn.
  • Have large meals- Large meal includes the foods that make you full and satisfied. Choose high-fat meals for the day.
  • More fats- As the universal rule in Phase one says “eat high-fat foods”. The rule is a rule and must follow it. Avoid sugary foods and do not overload. You can have salmon, avocados, cheese, or Greek yogurt.

Sample Menu

  • Breakfast- You can have egg, bacon, burger, and cheese.
  • Lunch- pizza, hotdog, ice cream, chips, nachos, and salad
  • Dinner- Chicken, bread, cheesecake, milk, steak, and potato

This is just an example of the meal that you can have on loading days. You can also create your own meal plan as much as you want. Stay hydrated throughout the diet. Water can help in cleansing the body. Keep all the leftovers of the foods when you start the Very low-calorie diet.

How to prepare the HCG injection?

  • Keep it in a cool place
  • Do not use any discolored mixture
  • Check the expiration date of the package
  • Make sure to avail the original HCG hormones
  • The injection must be clean
  • Throw empty containers away after every use
  • Use the HCG injections with caution
  • Follow all the guidelines in using the HCG injections
  • Keep away from the reach of children
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