The HCG shots will be effective in your weight loss if you incorporate a healthy routine. A healthy routine includes proper exercise and a healthy diet. A proper diet includes eating proper meals during Phase 2. You can have some light snacks to fix or avoid hunger when you are busy. Make sure you are doing a proper meal plan to satiate your hunger during the VLCD.

Skipping your meals is never a good thing during the HCG diet. It’s because the protocol never mentions that you have to skip meals. The purpose of the VLCD is not to deprive you of eating. The VLCD will help you develop discipline in eating and you can incorporate it I your routine. Take note that eating meals can fuel your body with energy that you will need for the entire day.

There are eating mistakes that you must avoid while maintaining your HCG shots. It’s because even a single mistake has a big impact on your weight loss. Making mistakes especially in your way of eating or the food choices you are likely to gain weight on the VLCD. Avoid the following mistakes when you are maintaining your HCG shots:

Mistake #1- Eating baked goods

Bread and muffins seem to be good food but it is not allowed when you are on the HCG diet. Avoid eating baked treats even how busy you are in your office or anywhere. Baked goods are full of sugar and fat that can spikes up your blood sugar levels. Baked goods have nothing to do with improving your weight loss. It can only add more calories to your body during the VLCD.

Mistake #2- Drinking fruit juices

If you are a fan of chugging fruit juices such as orange and apple juice you must stop it. It does not matter if it from fresh fruits. What matters the most is the process that it undergoes and the ingredients that are present on it. Fruit juices are not fresh anymore unless you made it from freshly squeezed fruit. Drinking fruit juices from the grocery store or any packed fruit juices are not healthy. It can stop you from losing weight because of the sugar and liquid calories on it.

Mistake #3- Eating heavy meals

If you think that your favorite pizza and burger are healthy then you are wrong. It may be tasty and appealing but it does not contain any nutritional value. Pizza and burger are popular meals but it contains too many additives. Avoid eating heavy meals especially when it is fried or contains too many ingredients. Heavy meals can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and then followed by a sudden crash of your energy.

Mistake #4- Adding sugar to your coffee

Drinking coffee can help in preventing diabetes but adding sugar to it worsens the situation. Avoid adding sugar or other unhealthy sweeteners to your coffee. Remember that HCG does not work along with sugar. To stay hydrated you can drink more unsweetened coffee but not too much. You can also drink plenty of water to maintain fullness for the entire day.

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