Eliminate Hunger Causing Carbs on the HCG Diet

HCG diet restricts carbs and foods turning to sugar because the body has an unhealthy reaction to them. Sugar can cause hunger and injure your blood vessels. Eating carbs can also increase the fat deposition in the body and stimulates your appetite. Since carbs help in maintaining energy before protein and fats, you have to incorporate exercise. It will help you stave off the excess carbs and prevents weight gain.

An inactive lifestyle and excessive carb intake are culprits of obesity. Unfortunately, obesity makes it more challenging to fix your metabolic rate. Increasing your workout routine might be a problem due to mobility barriers. So, how will you reduce carb intake and lose weight without causing hunger? Try the HCG diet.

The HCG diet is a weight loss program that improves your overall weight through the combination of VLCD and HCG shots. It results in rapid weight loss without incorporating an exercise routine and going through surgeries. It improves your blood sugar and stabilizes your blood pressure. The HCG diet allows recovery from weight-related diseases.

What are hunger-causing carbs?

Unhealthy carbs are sugar and foods turning sugar. Candies, ice creams, and other sugary treats are also unhealthy carbs.  They are not advisable during the HCG diet due to their adverse effects on the body. Hunger-causing carbs include rice, pasta, baked goods, donuts, cake, pastries, soda, and potatoes.

What happens when you eat unhealthy carbs?

Studies show that they behave similarly to eating or drinking pure sugar. It spikes up your blood sugar and affects your insulin. It converts the food you eat into fat and deposit them in stubborn areas of the body. Sugar produces hunger and, it can lead you to overeat during the HCG diet. Carbs can travel to the brain and stimulates the reward center. The sugar turning to fats reshapes your belly and leads to weight gain.  It will cause you to go back to your unhealthy eating habits.

How to eliminate hunger-causing carbs on the HCG diet?

  • Stick to the approved foods on the HCG diet. Healthy food choices prevent you from the vicious cycle of binge eating and gaining weight. Administer the HCG injection every day to eliminate sugar and carbs that stimulate your hunger. Opt for healthy food choices throughout the process to prevent weight gain.
  • Avoid drinking sugar-sweetened beverages. Soda and other processed beverages increase your calorie intake. It triggers your carb cravings and interferes with your weight loss. Sugary drinks can interfere with the HCG and result in a weight-loss stall. Stick to water and unsweetened coffee or tea throughout the VLCD.
  • Avoid drinking fruit juice. Fruits are healthy when they are fresh-picked. But, fruit juices in the grocery store contain additives, preservatives, flavoring, sugar, and other chemicals. Fruit juices do not have any significance in reaching your weight loss goal. Stick to freshly picked fruits that chugging on a bottle of orange juice.
  • Stick to permissible carbs. Melba toast and Grissini breadsticks are the advisable carb option on the HCG diet. Consume them in moderation to prevent weight gain. Maintain the 500 calorie intake throughout the HCG diet.
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