As the weight goes down, the calorie requirement also lowers. This is the time that you can adjust the intake of calories. Always put in mind that the goal of a good diet is the proper intake of calories. Do not let the weight too low until it became unhealthy. HCG diet will keep the BMI in balance and healthy.

Re-evaluation of the HCG diet

HCG diet has provided a protocol to follow. Each dieter has undergone a very low-calorie diet. This is one reason why we need to evaluate. The goal of weight evaluation is to check if there is any weight stall or weight gain. Re-check the following on your weight loss diary. Have you:

  • Check if you have planned the meals correctly
  • Prepare a shopping list that is based on the HCG diet food list
  • Make sure that you have to eat slowly and thoroughly
  • Drink an adequate amount of water, you can add lemon for a flavor
  • You have used stevia as the artificial sweetener
  • You loaded the proper number of calories in each meal

It is important to evaluate

Evaluation is the assessment of a certain thing to identify a future change. Evaluation of the HCG diet is needed to know the changes in the body. It helps in assessing the effect of the flow of diet in the body. It can also help you see either you gain or lose weight. Evaluation is important to be able to identify the cause of weight gain. Every dieter is free to do an evaluation of the things they have done during the diet. This is why it is important to have a diet diary. A diet diary is used where a dieter will list down all the kinds of food or activity he/she is doing. This is used to track the real cause if ever there is a weight gain.

Relate it to your weight loss goal

In evaluating the HCG diet, you have to open your weight loss goal. Your weight loss goal must be realistic and reachable. A realistic weight goal is a right goal. Upon evaluation, you have to check if the weight you get is close to the weight loss goal you have. Before anything else, make sure that you have a weight loss goal. If your weight is at the normal level stop the weight loss process. Do not go beyond your weight loss goal. Or, you can go beyond as long as you have the exact amount of fats to lose.

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