Losing weight means balancing of foods in each meal plan. Yes, it is just this easy. But, we find it very hard to do. It will be just too late for us to realize that we’ve done too much. There is no perfect method for diet or weight loss. However, there is always a great guide for it. HCG will grant the weight loss goal that you have. We lose weight by burning fats. We burn fats by controlling calories. Controlling calories is required on the HCG diet. These three have this connection. The only thing we can do is to balance. If one is high and the rest are low there will be abnormalities.

What is the difference between Fats and Calories?

These two are one of the main subjects in the HCG diet. Fat leads to weight gain as well as calories do. Fat is one of the six nutrients in the body that is needed to be healthy. It goes along with carbs, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water. Most of them provide calories. Calories are the amount of energy that is released by the breakdown of foods. The more calories, the greater energy you can get from it. However, too many calories will cause the body to store too much fat. Any form of excess calories can be stored as body fat.

Why do we blame the FATS?

It can raise the bad cholesterol in the blood. This is a great cause of heart disease. Fats often have high calories but are low in nutrients. It is twice as higher as carbs and proteins. This only means that eating fatty foods is like eating too many calories and carbs. There are fats that are safe such as lean meat and whitefish.

It is right that we can control weight if we eat less fatty foods. However, losing weight takes more than just eating the controlled amount of fats. Remember that calories can add weight too. You can get calories even from fat-free foods. Pay attention to carbs, proteins, and calories too. To lose weight, you need to have a caloric control diet. Eat very low-fat and calorie food items.

The function of the HCG diet in weight loss

HCG diet was created and made known by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s. It works by suppressing hunger while in a VLCD. It targets the stubborn fats in the stomach, thigh, and hips. HCG diet hormones will reset the metabolism. Doing the HCG diet does not cause hunger pangs than any other VLCD protocol.

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