Your weight reflects on how you view foods and how you deal with it. If you treat food as a comforter, you would likely gain weight. This is not just about your habits or way of eating but also on how you view foods. Dealing with foods correctly will help with weight loss. Do not eat in response to stress or cravings because it can cause you to gain weight. Eating too much because of stress is damaging on your weight loss journey.

The effect of eating too much food damages your weight loss as well as the work of HCG in your body. Avoid the risk and further effect of overeating by following the HCG diet protocol. If you feel hungry, check first either it is physical or emotional hunger. Know the kind of hunger you experience before you respond to it. You are only allowed to eat foods to get through physical hunger. This is because emotional hunger will allow you to eat too much without being mindful on the foods.

Weight gain has several effects such as causing weight-related diseases. Most of the causes of a weight gain are an unhealthy lifestyle and wrong view of foods. It can also change the natural composition of your body. The constant weight gain promotes the rapid build-up of fats that eventually deforms your body. The stubborn fats will be deposited in hard to reach areas of your body.

What is your right mindset towards food on the HCG diet?

Foods are not used to relieve you from constant stress. You have to view foods as your weight loss aid. The right view of foods must help you in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. Be wise enough in choosing your food choices. Opt to have the foods that are helpful for your health as well as maintaining a normal weight. Focus on the benefits of the food to your body rather than focusing on how it taste or amount. Be aware that there are also delicious foods that are loaded with calories and other unhealthy ingredients.

How will you respond to hunger during the HCG diet?

Evaluate and assess yourself whether you feel physical hunger or it is just a product of your emotions. You have to be clear on the kind of hunger you currently feel. This is because it is dangerous to eat food when you are just emotionally hungry. There are also cases that thirsts are concluded as hunger. The first thing you will do when you feel hungry is to drink water. It promotes fullness and it curbs emotional hunger and cravings. The most important thing is to only eat when you are truly hungry.

The food attitude you must observe during the HCG diet 

  • Avoid eating too much and cheating– be aware in each meal serving especially when you are doing the VLCD. Do not cheat on your meal and maintain the proper food portion. Proper food portioning will keep you stay on the track of your HCG diet.
  • Eat on your dining table- Eating on the dining table will improve your focus towards eating. Eating somewhere of if you eat while doing something will distract your focus. It will cause you to eat too much without knowing the exact food portion you need.
  • Check your intake of calories- Too much intake of calories can cause weight gain. Stay away from the foods that are loaded with calories even after your weight loss process. Check your intake of calories and make sure to consume the allowed amount of calories per day.
  • Read food labels- Food labels will help you determine the ingredients of your food purchase. You have to read food labels before purchasing to avoid buying unhealthy foods. Stay away from the foods that contain preservatives, chemicals, and other unhealthy ingredients. It is important to eat not because you respond to cravings but because your body needs proper nutrients.

Avoid weight gain during the HCG diet

  • Plan ahead for your HCG meal

Planning is an attitude that a dieter must possess. It is important to have an advance plan in case of any situations. Plan your diet meals as well as the grocery list you may need for the entire diet. Purchase your grocery and foods needed before you will jump-start on your HCG diet. Do not allow the unhealthy food items to land on your dining table during the HCG diet.

  • Stop doing extreme exercise

Extreme exercise will help you burn fats but allows you to gain it again. It can increase your stress level and may consume all your energy. Cravings and extreme hunger pain will also occur if you overdo extreme exercises. Extreme and hard exercises, as well as triggers, stress hormones that cause your body to gain weight naturally. You do not need to perform heavy exercises during the HCG diet. This is because your weight loss on HCG does not depend on how active you are physical. Your weight loss depends on your diet hormones or the HCG.

  • Healthy food choices

Healthy food choices are freshly picked foods. These are the organic and whole foods that do not contain any unhealthy ingredients. The unhealthy ingredients of your food will surely sabotage your HCG diet. Do not load on foods that have sugar, carbs, preservatives and other industrial ingredients.

  • Load more on proteins

Proteins are commonly found in lean meat and some vegetable choices. It is one of the most essential nutrients your body needs during weight loss. Protein will allow your stomach to feel full longer. Proteins are also helpful in building and maintaining your muscle mass. It also promotes the growth of your tissue and bone health.

  • Maintain proper HCG shot

The right dose of HCG will promote your weight loss. It will help in reaching your weight loss goal. The right dose of HCG will curb hunger and deal with your metabolic rate. Administer your HCG shot at the same time each day as soon as you get up from the bed. This will help you avoid missing a dose of your HCG.

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