Phase 3 is when you are out of the 500 calorie restrictions. This is the time that you are allowed to have additional food choices. Phase 3 is known as the stabilization phase. You will be adding more food choices without gaining back your weight. Be careful in loading because P3 is not the same with your loading phase.

Fatty food items such as avocado, coconut oil, nuts, and olive oil must be consumed in moderation. Stop using natural fats if you gain weight. You have to load on food slowly because your body needs time for adjustment. This is because your body is now used to 500 calorie diet. You have to give your body time to process additional food choices to avoid further complications.

Fruits to avoid during P3 of the HCG diet

Fruits that are high in the glycemic index must be avoided. These are easily digested and can release sugar which is not yet allowed on your P3. Do not eat pineapple, kiwi, mango, and banana. You are also not allowed to eat pomegranate and grapes. These food choices have various health benefits but they are loaded with natural sugar. You can have these fruit choices after your HCG diet. Do not buy dried fruits because they contain added sugar and other ingredients that may cause you to gain weight.

The vegetables you must avoid on P3 of the HCG diet

Carbs, sugar, and starch are not allowed during P3. Most vegetables are high in starch. Do not eat peas, water chestnuts, carrots, squash, and beets. These are loaded with starch and carbs that may delay your weight stabilization. Do not buy canned vegetables because it has added preservatives, flavoring, sugar, and other ingredients.

Exercise and hydration on P3 of the HCG diet

You can now increase your time of light exercise. This is to help your body in burning excess calories. Light exercises are also helpful in boosting your metabolism. Stay hydrated at all times to avoid weight stall. Water will help your body in pushing out toxins and other unwanted fats from your body.

Stay on healthy food choices such as fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables during phase 3 of the HCG diet. Avoid foods that have sugar and carbs. Be careful about your food portioning and do not load on too many calories. Being free from 500 calorie restriction does not mean that you are allowed to load too much. Focus on how you would stabilize your weight than on what you are going to eat.

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