The heart of the HCG diet is Phase 2 of the VLCD.  Your intake of calorie is cut down into 500 calories per day. This is not to deprive your of eating but to help you develop effective eating habits. The 500 calories during the VLCD is designed to transition your body from unhealthy habits. Phase 3, on the other hand, is also the most important stage during the HCG diet. It is known as the stabilization phase. The stabilization phase is when you gradually add your food intake while stabilizing your weight loss.

There are foods and habits that you must cut when you start the HCG diet. These foods are the cause of why you gain weight fast. Shifting to healthy eating habits will give you a bigger chance to lose weight. One thing you must let go during the HCG diet is unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods are those that are processed and loaded with unhealthy chemicals.

What are the foods you must avoid during P2 of the HCG diet?

  • Fried potatoes and potato chips

Whole potatoes are healthy and filling. However, the calories increase when it is fried. Various observational studies fried potatoes can cause weight gain. It is as well linked to various diseases such as high cholesterol and obesity. One serving of fried potato of potato chips can eventually add your weight. It is better to have boiled potatoes before starting the VLCD.

  • Sugary Drinks

Sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda, wine, fruit juices, and alcohol are not allowed. These are considered as the unhealthiest foods on earth. These are linked with weight gain and other disastrous health effects. These drinks affect the work of the HCG in burning your fats. The liquid-sugary calories in these drinks do not register in your brains. This makes you drink too much that leads to rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body. Sugary drinks negatively affect your general health and weight loss.

  • White Bread

This is highly refined and contains a lot of sugar. This eventually spikes your blood sugar and has a bigger risk to obesity. Overeating and cravings come when your blood sugar increases. This will also put you to the risk of getting hunger and cravings for the entire day.

  • Candy Bars

These are extremely unhealthy even if you are not doing the HCG diet. They are packed of added sugar, flavorings and refined flour as well. Candy bars are small but they are high in calories. If you are craving for sweet foods take a fruit instead of having candy bars. Fruits are more filling and nutritious than candy bars and other sweet treats.

  • Fruit Juices

Juices in the market are already loaded with sugar and additional flavorings. Fruits juices in the market are not whole anymore which makes it dangerous for the HCG diet. Fruit juices contain more sugar than soda and sweet wines. Whole fruits have fiber content while fruit juice does not have fiber even a single amount. This means that a single orange fruit is more filling than a glass of fruit juice. Stick to whole fruits and enjoy natural sweetness during your HCG diet.

  • Pastries, cakes, and cookies

These foods are packed with refined flour and sugar. These contain trans fats which are linked to weight-related diseases. Pastries and cookies are satisfying but you will end up having cravings for high-calorie foods. These are low nutrient foods.

  • Pizza

This is one of the most popular delicious-unhealthy foods. It has very high calories, processed meat, and refined flour. Pizza is included in the list of foods that cause weight gain.

  • Canned vegetables and dried fruits

Whole fruits and vegetables are healthy. However, its nutritional value degrades as soon as you add preservatives on it. Canned vegetables have added preservatives and other industrial chemicals. These chemicals make the vegetable stays longer in the can. Dried fruits as well have added sugar which is dangerous during your HCG diet. Sugar will silently sabotage your weight loss process.

The foods that are not allowed on the P3 of the HCG diet

  • Avoid fruits with a High Glycemic Index– Fruits such as watermelon are not allowed on P3 of the HCG diet. Sugary fruits can spike the level of sugar that may cause weight gain. Your metabolism is affected when your insulin levels spikes. Avoid dates, bananas, raisins, tangerines, prunes, mangoes, and avocado.
  • Avoid Grains– Keep off from various kinds of grains during your weight loss stabilization. You are not allowed to eat whole grains, corn products, any type of cereal, brown rice, and even white flour. Stay away from snacks that have grains until you finish your Phase 3.
  • Meat with high fats content- meats can help in weight loss because of the protein. However, fatty meats sabotage your HCG diet. Fats can immediately add your weight up and even increases your intake of calories. Fats will immediately cause metabolic problems during your weight loss stabilization.
  • Sugar and starch– You are still not allowed to add sugary foods during Phase 3. This is because you are still managing your weight loss. Sugar and starch can cause weight gain and other metabolic problems. The main reason why you fast gain weight is your intake of sugar and starch. Avoid eating sugar in any amount and form. Check the food labels in each package before you purchase. This is to avoid products that have high sugar. Prefer to have fresh and whole products to reach your weight loss goal.
  • Processed products– The P3 or stabilization phase of the HCG diet is when you gradually add more food to your diet. This is the time where you are free from VLCD. However, it does not mean that you will go back to your unhealthy eating habits. Stay away from processed products such as canned and packed meats. Processed products have high-calorie content and low nutritional value. It does not just add weight but it can also reset your metabolism. Processed products as well as affect your health and the stability of your body activities.  
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