Break the plateau in no time! Stall no more as you get back to weight loss progress. A weight loss stall is known as a plateau. It is a metabolic change and very common in the diet. The effect of this can change the body’s weight loss. It has also an effect on the daily calorie need. Weight loss stall happens to athletes and dieters. You are working hard for weight loss but it suddenly stops. This situation occurs before completing the weight loss goal. A weight-loss stall on the HCG diet only lasts for a few days. A stall that lasts for weeks or months needs attention.

You may wonder if what is wrong. According to studies, weight stall is something that is not unusual. It commonly happens to every dieter. There will be changes in the nutritional needs. There are too many reasons why weight can hit a plateau. The number one reason for plateau on HCG is water retention. This commonly happens to women during their period. Weight loss cannot be constant. It is dependent on one person to the other. This is why it is important to focus on lifestyle change. Do not focus on the result of weight loss. The result of the HCG diet is rapid. You don’t have to worry about the stalls.

How to step out from the Stall?

  • Continue the light exercise-This can revive the metabolism. Work on something light that will keep the body from moving. Do not fit on long work out or heavy exercises.
  • Check the portion control- On the HCG diet; you must be very careful on the loading. You might load up the wrong choice of food portion. Take out the measuring scale or cups. Make this a routine in the duration of the diet. You should weigh yourself too. It will help you track the weight.
  • Give life to everything- Treat yourself to a new HCG meal. Do not deprive yourself, you can choose different recipes. Take time to learn the healthy cooking way.
  • The don’ts- Do not increase the cardio exercise or decrease the caloric intake. You should maintain the allowed caloric intake on the HCG diet. Do not freak out or panic. Stay on your focus to avoid getting stressed out.

Rebuild yourself again by doing healthy things. Do not let the weight loss stall ruin the entire diet. Focus on the calorie needs of the body. Stay hydrated at all times especially if you are doing activities. Grab enough rest to calm the stress hormones. Rest is vital in losing fats in the body. This can give the system time to process things out. Thus, supports a proper metabolism.

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