Dr. Simeons discovered that HCG in the placenta of a pregnant woman has benefits in weight loss. It is accompanied by guidelines for weight loss. It is said the HCG diet allows green tea at any time. This is one of the unlimited drinks that is allowed. It is important to refer to the protocol before eating or drinking. The drinks in the HCG diet such as coffee or tea must be sugar-free. The green tea and the HCG hormones will work together in boosting the metabolism. It suppresses hunger and keeps you full until the next meal. Green tea does not just suppress hunger, it also has various benefits. Green tea is able to help in removing the water weight in the body. This will help the HCG hormones in the weight maintenance of the body.

Here are some roles of green tea in weight loss:

It converts the burned fats into energy. This happens as the HCG releases extra calories in the bloodstream. This happens because the body is burning abnormal fats. Green tea and an HCG diet do not cause hunger. It does not cause the body to feel weak at all. This will help you get through during the protocol.

Green tea can prevent the movement of sugar in fat cells. It pushes the body to lose more weight. The usual amount of green tea that is allowed in the diet is 3 to 5 cups or more. It lowers blood sugar, thus lowers body fat percentage. This helps the HCG hormones in reaching the hard-to-reach areas. These areas are the hips, thigh, chin, and belly. These are the common area that other weight loss does not reach. Green tea will help you grab the weight loss goal as fast as possible.

HCG resets the gland in the brain that will renew the eating habits. During the HC diet, green tea will stabilize blood sugar and pressure. It lowers the cholesterol and risk of cancers. This lowers the possibility of having a heart attack. If your weight is normal, you are away from risky diseases.  Green tea has low in calories that are good for fat burning. Green tea, water, and coffee art the only allowed drinks in the diet duration. It must be sugar-free. These are usually done in the morning as a replacement for solid breakfast. The guide for eating must be done mindfully on the HCG diet. Being mindful will help you in focusing on your eating.

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