There are carbs that you can eat while on the HCG diet. These are the carbs that are safe such as starchy veggies. You can also load on to bean or whole grains. These are some of the examples of a guilt-free meal. These carbs options are still rich in antioxidants. However, you cannot eat this for the duration of the VLCD. In phase 3, this carb meal can keep your tummy full longer. You may eat them in a small amount because they have a high level of starch. You may or may not need this in Phase 3. These are just an option if there are no other choices.

The HCG diet Phase 3 allows the increase in the intake of calories. This must be done carefully because phase 3 is a crucial part of the entire diet. This allows carbohydrates but only those clean carbs are allowed. Study the kinds of carbs to help you keep weight loss. There are starchy carbs and starchy-clean carbs. There is a big difference between the two. It is important to only load on the clean carbs because it is guilt free. It does not cause any weight gain. Take note to slowly add more kinds of foods in phase 3. Allow the brain to reset properly from the VLCD. There are guides that are provided on how to be successful in Phase 3. It will ease the crucial part of HCG weight loss stabilization.

Here are some of the carbs that you can have during phase 3:

  • Green leafy veggies-leafy green such as spinach, lettuce, and kale can give at least 3.6 grams of carbs. These are a source of green carbs. You can have more serving in phase 3. You are free from the 500calorie diet. However, you still have to stick to the controlled calorie meal. You still have to do a meal plan and portion. You can add green leafy veggies along with your meat choices. Remember, to eat slowly and to stay hydrated.
  • Apple and berries- Apple is a source of clean carbs and fiber. These are good for maintaining the fullness of the stomach. You can have apples for a snack or mixed with a salad. Every 100 grams of berries has 14 grams of clean carbs. You can eat it as much as 2 serving each day. These are accompanied by antioxidants which helps in the stability of the body.
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