Handle Menstrual Period During the HCG Diet

Many people have been wondering if HCG dieters have to deal with periods. Some say that the HCG diet is a form of birth control and prevents menstruation, while others argue that it doesn’t because it’s just too dangerous for your body. This blog post discusses how menstrual cycles work during HCG weight loss plans. The information will help you make an educated decision on whether or not you should expect them when using the diet.

Dieters who continue using the HCG hormones do not have a severe effect. Nevertheless, it is safer to stop taking hormones if you’re concerned about your safety. If you end up feeling hungry, you can continue using the HCG hormones. As soon as the period is gone you can continue the use of the hormones.

Does the Protocol affect Menstruation?

HCG may cause the period to occur late or in advance. There may be an irregularity of menstruation during the HCG diet. After the diet, your period will come back to normal. It is due to the hormones in the body that such a situation occurs. Your period will be light or heavy. It can also cause either a short or long period during the HCG diet.

Menstruation is the number one interruption in the HCG diet. In the first few days of the period, the rate of weight loss usually slows down. It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, although it is mostly due to water retention. The water weight will be gone after the period. Do not panic in such cases.

Focus more on the weight loss guide in such cases. You should still control your portion sizes while eating. Taking HCG will not cause your period to be missed. It can cause a heavy or a very light period than your normal. You can strictly follow the protocol if you are worried about menstrual pain. It will still be possible for you to lose weight. There will be no regrets at all.

Here are more tips to handle period during the HCG diet:

  • Keep eating healthy as what HCG protocol allowed
  • Avoid salty foods because it leads to water retention.
  • Counter the water retention help flush the toxins by drinking water
  • Drink lots of water to prevent water retention and menstrual cramps.
  • Be sensitive to your body listen to what the body needs
  • Substitute your sugary cravings with healthier choices to prevent weight gain.
  • Track the portion sizes of the food you eat every day to maintain the 500 calorie diet.

Periods can sometimes push us to our limits. However, you can stay on track with the weight loss goal. You must have balance and consistency above all things. Stay mindful of every choice that you make. Remember that your choices today determine the results. Make better food choices for a better result throughout the HCG diet. Treat yourself to the delicious meal plan of the HCG food list. During menstruation, you are less likely to crave sweets.

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