HCG Diet and Artificial Sweeteners

The leading cause of several health issues and weight gain is the consumption of sugar. It is unhealthy and can trigger weight-related diseases. That is why most dieters often replace sugar with artificial sweeteners without knowing that it makes things worst. Avoid Artificial sweeteners because they are not the best solution to remove sugar from your system.

During the HCG diet, you cannot use artificial sweeteners except for pure stevia. Sweeteners have loads of calories that can interfere with the mechanism of the HCG. Stick to whole and organic products than resorting to sweetened foods. Artificial sweeteners can also worsen your sugar cravings and stimulate your appetite for unhealthy foods.

Avoid these sweeteners during the HCG diet:

  • Sucralose
  • Fructose
  • Corn syrup
  • Agave
  • Brown rice syrup
  • Xylitol
  • Alcohol syrup

Artificial sweeteners are additives that increase the adverse effects o sugar in the body. It can cause weight gain, brain health issues, anxiety and stimulates your appetite. It can also give your body a hard time digesting and processing foods into energy. As a result, your body will tend to deposit them in your fat stores.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners during the HCG Diet Because:

  1. They have Empty calories. The calories from processed drinks can satisfy your thirst but, it does not help in weight loss. Artificial sweeteners have empty calories but, they can cause weight gain.
  2. They can stimulate your appetite. The brain sends rewards when you give in to something that you crave. When you consume sweet treats, you will seek more and leads you to overeat. Sweet treats are rewarding in the brain and, they can stimulate your appetite for unhealthy foods. It prevents your brain from sending signals of satiety and triggers your hunger pangs. Eating food or drinking beverages with artificial sweeteners can worsen your cravings. It will not stop unless you will give in to sugary foods.
  3. Sweeteners can cause low energy. It does not have any nutritional value and may result in an energy crash. It also affects your productivity during the HCG diet. Artificial sweeteners can also slow down your metabolic rate and stops your body from losing weight.
  4. They can ruin gut bacteria. Proper digestion is beneficial during the HCG diet. Eating sweetened foods can damage your gut bacteria and trigger cravings. It can also weaken your immune system and puts you at risk of viral infections and other diseases.
  5. They can destroy your metabolism. An unhealthy gut can cause problems with your metabolism. It stops you from losing weight and maintaining health. Sweeteners interfere with the HCG diet and cause several health issues and indigestion. It can also cause the development of glucose intolerance and diabetes.

Deal with your sweet tooth cravings to avoid interfering with your HCG diet. Use stevia to add flavor to your food and drinks but ensure it does not leads to overeating. Unlike table sugar, stevia does not cause adverse effects in your body. It also contains zero to low calories but, it can stave off your cravings. Fruits are also a better substitute for sugar and other unhealthy sweeteners.

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