HCG Diet and Sodium. How Does It Affect Your Weight Loss?

Too much sodium intake can ruin your diet when you are trying to lose weight. Excessive sodium intake links to obesity and heart disease. It is one cause of the rising number of obese people in the US. Overconsumption of Sodium gives you a hard time losing weight and can interfere with the HCG diet. It can cause water retention and delays your progress during the VLCD.

If you are using the HCG for weight loss, a diet that contains excessive Sodium is unhealthy. It affects your progress and reduces the efficacy of the diet hormone. Processed foods contain loads of salt and preservatives. Avoid eating them during the HCG diet to prevent water retention. Cut down on salty foods and processed products to boost your weight loss during the HCG diet.

What are the Limitations of Sodium Intake on the HCG Diet?

During the HCG diet, you can only have less than a tablespoon of salt a day. Avoid adding salt to your low-calorie meal to avoid interfering with your diet. Reduce your sodium intake to manage kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other weight-related problems. Maintain a low intake of Sodium and other nutrients in your body to balance the fluid and avoid water retention. Note that Sodium is essential for transmitting nerve impulses and relaxes your muscle mass.

How Does excessive Sodium Affect your Body on the HCG Diet?

The kidney is responsible for balancing the amount of Sodium in the body. It maintains your health stability during the HCG diet. When your sodium levels are low, your kidney will hold them. When it is high, your kidneys excrete the excess urine and cause water retention. Too much salt in your diet can increase the volume of your blood. It forces your heart to pump irregularly and compromise your overall health. It affects the pressure in your arteries and causes hypertension.

Dieters who are sensitive to Sodium can experience water retention and fat deposition. Chronic hypertension, heart disease, kidney problems are due to excessive Sodium in your diet. Administer the HCG every day to reduce your calorie intake and stave off excess Sodium. I will help you maintain the progress of your weight loss without compromising your overall health.

Does Sodium Affect the HCG Diet?

Yes. Sodium intake on the HCG diet can increase the water weight and fat deposition. When your weight spikes, assess your food choices. Read food labels when buying your grocery because most of the products in the market contains too much Sodium. Opt for fresh and organic food choices to prevent disappointing scale readings. Maintain hydration to stave off excess calories and Sodium and avoid water retention.

Avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats, cured meats,  preserved products, condiments, and sauces. These are not permissible during the HCG diet because they can interfere with your weight loss. Reduce your sodium intake by eating fresh foods. Avoid buying sausages, ham, bacon, dried vegetables, and other processed foods. Substitute salt with Natural herbs and spices during the VLCD.

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