HCG Diet and the Rising Rate of Obesity

The US is one of the states that has a leading population of obese individuals. The obesity rate is spreading in 23 states and still growing up to the present. The population record of obese children is rising to 30 percent in thirty different states.

What is Obesity?

It is an excessive fat accumulation that links to health problems. When your BMI is over 30, you are obese. It is due to eating loads of calories and having an inactive lifestyle. The imbalance between your calorie intake and the calories in the body can cause obesity.

Another cause of weight gain is the foods that you eat. When you resort to processed foods, it can increase the fat deposition in your body. The contributors to rapid weight gain are fats, sugar, starch, and carbs. Likewise, obesity is also due to genetic disorders. Nonetheless, genes do not always predict your health status.

The HCG Diet and Obesity

The HCG diet works fast in dealing with body fats. It helps obese people in losing weight even though their obesity is genetically acquired. The HCG diet has four phases that you will take step by step in reaching your weight loss goal. If you are looking for a safe weight loss aid for obesity, try the HCG diet. It helps you establish a healthy relationship with food and controls your habits.

How Does the HCG Diet Works in Dealing with Obesity?

The HCG Diet works in the hypothalamus and suppresses your appetite. People who are using HCG are more likely to eat less. It allows you to release fats. It is an obesity treatment that does not require any exercise routine. The HCG diet is safer than any weight-loss surgery.

Use HCG shots along with a 500 calorie intake per day to reach a maximum weight loss. The HCG can also help in changing the pattern of your eating behavior and prevent Yo-yo dieting. The HCG works from person to person. Avoid comparing your progress to other dieters because everyone has individual differences.

Administer the HCG as part of the overall weight loss plan. Avoid skipping a dose during the second phase because it can affect your progress. The HCG helps you follow a healthy eating discipline. It also helps overcome binge-eating disorders and other eating issues.

How Long Does it Take for HCG to Start Burning Fats?

Administer the HCG through the intramuscular or subcutaneous tissue. It reaches the maximum concentration and begins to work as soon as possible. It sends appetite-suppressing effects in your system and curbs your hunger. The HCG can work fast when you reduce your calorie intake and avoid processed foods.

How Much Weight Can You Lose on the HCG Diet?

The typical weight loss result on the HCG diet is up to 30 pounds a month. It is an ideal weight loss program for obese people who are not comfortable with the exercise. You can lose weight in the comfort of your home through the HCG diet. Note that losing at least 10% of your overall weight can improve your health.

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