HCG Diet and the Vitamins You Get From the Foods

Vitamin supplementation is acceptable during the HCG diet as long a sit does not interfere with the hormone. Take some precautions on products that contain sugar and fats that are typical on coated pills. Opt for capsules to ensure that you are not interfering with the hormone.

You can also delay the vitamin supplementation on the HCG diet. Nonetheless, if it is necessary, you have to continue it in combination with the HCG. You can also gain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the approved foods on the HCG diet. They are Natural sources that you can have for daily consumption. The healthy foods during the HCG diet make the program safe and assist the HCG during the VLCD.

HCG Diet and Vitamins

The HCG diet is an effective weight loss aid. It also helps in supplying the nutritional needs of your body during the VLCD. The HCG prevents you from compromising your health and, it also promotes detoxification. You can also have a vitamin B complex to increase your energy and prevents fatigue. The HCG can improve digestion and maintain your energy levels by converting the burned fats into fuel. The rapid weight loss on the HCG diet also improves skin, muscle, and bone health.

For every pound and fat tissue you lose during the HCG diet, your body also starts to retain nutrients. It increases the storage of vitamins and nutrients and releases stored fats. Most HCG dieters do not have any issue with vitamin deficiency as the HCG maintains your overall health. It means that taking supplements is unnecessary when you stick to the HCG diet protocol.

Recommended Supplementation Throughout the HCG Diet

  1. Vitamin A. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps in releasing toxins. Vitamin A also can lower your risk of diseases. You can have foods rich in vitamin A during the loading phase.
  2. Vitamin B. The HCG contains both B12 and B complex. It increases your energy and prevents fatigue. Get vitamin B from green vegetables, lean meat, and fruits.
  3. Vitamins C. It can boost your immune system and flush out toxins from your body. Vitamin C keeps you healthy throughout the HCG protocol by increasing the antioxidants. Orange, grapefruit, lemon, and other approved fruits contain loads of vitamin C.
  4. Vitamin D. You can get it from sunlight when you incorporate an exercise routine under the sun. If you lack exposure to sunlight, you can have OTC products containing vitamin D. Nonetheless, pay attention to what you put in your mouth to avoid weight gain.
  5. Vitamin E. It contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals in the body during the HCG diet. Cabbage and lettuce have high levels of vitamin E that you can eat during the VLCD. Be careful when buying vitamin E to ensure they work well with HCG.
  6. It is in numerous food supplies that you can eat during the HCG diet. Magnesium helps in converting sugar into energy and burns unhealthy carbs. You can have them during the maintenance phase of the HCG diet. Magnesium can improve your heart health and maintains your weight loss.
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