Stabilization Phase

Most dieters are often unsure how to maintain weight loss. Many are afraid of gaining their weight back. However, The HCG has Phase 3 plan. This is a 3 week period of stabilization. It will prevent frustrations and correction days. The plan reduces the stress in the brain. It prohibits the dieter to overeat sugars and starches. The success of the weight loss goal is seen in Phase 3.

The Accomplishment of Phase 3

  1. 1. It successfully stabilizes health

Your weight will stay the same. This is a vital phase. It requires balance. You can slowly start eating carbs but not all the time.

  1. 2. It allows digestion to be on Normal eating

Being gradual is best. You will slowly be back to your normal eating. Slowly introduce to your digestive system some foods. Being slow allows your body to re-adapt and handle the food correctly.

  1. 3. It allows discovering food-sensitive

You will be aware of the food that you are eating. Some foods may add weight. You will be able to see if you have food sensitivities. This factor helps you in your weight maintenance.

Pointers that your body does not like something:

  • Stomach pain after eating
  • Persistent pain in the intestines
  • Weight gain and abnormal bowel movement

If the food is not good it may cause you to feel pain in the stomach. Do not tolerate foods that are unhealthy. Be in the diet means, being under its rule. Make sure to stick to the diet protocol. Avoid eating processed food. It has chemicals that may harm your diet. Use natural oil and enjoy eating healthy foods. You must also stick to the allowed foods. Truly obey the rules for this phase.

The Rules

  • Weigh yourself every day
  • Remain within 2 pounds of your last injection weight
  • Do a steak day if you there is again
  • Do not eat starches and sugars
  • List all the foods that are allowed for this part
  • Weigh every food to avoid overeating
  • Follow the guidelines for diet
  • Carry water with you. Stay hydrated
  • Do not cheat. Cheating is not allowed even in the maintenance phase

HCG diet for success takes time. Each stage has purposes and is created for success. It’s a process that may seem long but all worth it in the end. Eat a lot of protein in this period. Make it a success in the end. Don’t just spend money in a lame way. HCG is the best and affordable choice for weight loss. This weight loss is for the rest of your life. Thus, be careful of the things that may harm your diet.

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