We often think that eliminating fat in the body is healthy. Once we shed all the fats, we are safe from diseases. Yes, it is somehow true. However, it is not that simple as that. We also need fats and we need them to survive. They are the source of fuel for energy. How about the fats on the HCG diet? Well, fats can be classified into two: The good and bad fats. The bad fats are the ones that bring harm to the body.

The good fats are found in healthy fatty foods that are good for the heart. However, we often get confused about recognizing the good fat from the bad ones. Bad fats can cause clogging of the artery and are dangerous in cardiovascular health. Choosing the right kind of fats for the diet is important. It reduces the risk of having diseases. Cutting the fats that cause you to gain extra pounds will help you live longer. Good fats are credited as one of the cures for heart diseases.

Fats and HCG diet

Indeed fats are needed in the diet. We do need them to survive and get nutrients. However, it does not mean that we have to wrap our foods with oils and everything. HCG diet does not abandon all the fat from getting loaded in the body. However, there are already foods that have natural fats. There are fats from veggies that are enough for the daily need for fat in the body. The healthiest thing you can do aside from having fats is cleansing. Clean the body from the harmful fats that cause weight gain.

Eating fats does not make someone fat in a snap. However, it will slowly ruin the body. They contain more calories than any other foods. Even if you eat healthy fats daily, you will slowly see the visible change in the body. The key to maintain health and lose weight is moderation. This is staying healthy intake of foods. Stopping the consumption of processed foods is the best thing you can do. It will help you push out the fats in the body. Sticking on the HCG diet protocol will guide you to be an effective eater.

Remember that all form of animal products has fats. Make sure to trim the fats in your meat before you will cook them. HCG diet does not allow any amount of fats in the body. It is better to purchase organic and fresh items in the market.

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