Cheating on the HCG diet seems like the end of everything. Although it is preferable to avoid cheating there are times that you will give in. If this happens during the VLCD all you have to do is to correct it. There is no use to stay where you fail and keep worrying. If you cheat on your diet you have to get back right away to the track. Resume the regular food intake that is allowed on VLCD.

However, cheating more than one meal during the VLCD is a big problem. This is because it affects the ability of the diet hormone to burn your body fats. Cheating is one of the biggest rivals of the HCG diet. It does not just affect your weight loss but also your health. You have to be patient with the VLCD. Remember that this is only from 3 to 6 weeks and you can eat more food after.

Do you have to do the apple day or the steak day?

Cheating on one meal does not require you to do the apple a day or the steak day. You only have to drink a lot of water and make it up for your next meal. The apple days and steak days are only used for plateaus in case you gain more pounds because of cheating. Do not rely on these weight loss correctors because it makes you dependent on them.

Phase 2 is a sensitive part of the diet protocol. If you are not using real HCG and are struggling to not cheat due to hunger, it can be a problem. Rather than dwelling on the bummer focus on what you can do. It is time to burn the foods that you must not eat.

What can you do to safely bounce back after cheating?

  • Do not panic-Panicking or getting worried will just increase your stress levels. Just follow the protocol because the HCG will not work if you cheat multiple times.
  • Eat more vegetables- You can eat more vegetables but avoid mixing them. As long as you stay on the 500 calorie limit you can safely get back to the track. The vegetables allowable on the HCG diet have phytonutrients that can help negate some of the negative effects of the foods you ate.
  • Exercise more- You can do light physical activities and increase your time doing it to be able to restart your metabolism. This is for you to help offset the calorie gain from cheating. You can do this for 2 to 3 days and get back to your normal routine after.
  • Track your weight– this is done to be able to check for weight gain or plateaus. Track some weight changes so that you can do something about them right away.
  • Avoid substitutions- The foods on the HCG diet are carefully chosen for your very low-calorie intake. If you substitute with other foods you run the risk of affecting the work of HCG. Make sure to have enough food in your storage to avoid running out of stocks.
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