Studies have shown that a person can consume more than three thousand calories during the thanksgiving day celebration. Eating a large portion can almost take the place of good health. Calorie control is a big challenge for you during the HCG diet plan. The moment you slip on your food intake, you are at risk of weight gain.

Eating almost always during the celebration will lose you on your diet track. To bounce back on your weight-loss way, you have to make it up right away. Thanksgiving does not have to sabotage your health and overall weight loss process. Get back to a progressive weight loss on your HCG diet as soon as possible.

The foods you can eat to end thanksgiving weight gain on VLCD

  • The HCG diet-approved vegetables- Green and leafy products such as celery, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli can help you lose weight. Vegetables are an essential part of the HCG diet, especially on VLCD. Vegetables offer various health benefits that include healthy weight loss. Leafy greens help reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease. Vegetables also help eliminate piled toxins from the food you eat during the celebration.
  • The HCG diet-approved fruits- fresh fruits contain essential nutrients and minerals that you need for weight loss. Fruits are also high in fiber that aids in curbing hunger during the VLCD. Fruits are as helpful as vegetables. Eating fruits can reduce the risk of developing heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and cancer. You can have an apple, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, peach, and pears for fruit choices. The fruit choices on your HCG diet are low in calories, which help burn the weight you gain during the celebration.
  • Lean protein- foods that are rich in protein help curb hunger during the VLCD. An example of lean protein is lean beef meat, chicken breast, shrimp, lobster, and fish meat. Lean protein improves digestion, metabolism, and the fullness of your stomach. During Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you can remove breadsticks but not lean protein. Lean meat is popular during low fat and low-calorie diet. Replace carbs with protein to reduce hunger and improve satiety.

What can you drink to end thanksgiving day weight gain on the HCG diet?

You can only drink as much water as you want but avoid stuffing yourself. You can also drink sugar-free tea and coffee to stay hydrated. Water is known for its potential to stave off food toxins in your body.  Processed beverages such as alcohol, soda, and wine interrupt the HCG in your body.  Clear your food storage with processed beverages and foods to avoid gaining more weight.

Can you eat less than 500 calories after a thanksgiving cheat day?

Eating fewer calories than 500 is possible but make sure you are not hungry at all. An example of eating few calories is taking off Grissini on your meal and having half portion of fruits instead of whole. You have to stop this if you feel uncomfortable, exhausted, or dizzy with a deficient calorie intake. For best results, you have to maintain your HCG shots at the same time each day.

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